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Obelisk The Tormentor: To gain Obelisk The Tormentor girlfriend must have the ability to have the green Millennium Puzzleunlocked. After that. You have the right to receive Obelisk. Ra: The Ra God card have the right to only be acquired by getting it in the Monthly Yu-Gi-Oh! Magazine. Slifer The sky Dragon: To acquire Slifer The sky Dragon God card, unlock the golden Millennium Puzzle Booster Pack.You will ultimately get it.

The Winged Dragon that Ra can be uncovered in Yu-Gi-Oh! newspaper (check the calendar). Obeliskthe Tormentor can be discovered in the environment-friendly Millenium-puzzel booster pack. Friend can acquire thatbooster load by beating phase 4 10 times. If you are using an emulator, conserve beforechoosing a booster pack. If there isn\"t a useful card in it, pack again. (For the VisualBoy breakthrough use the F key. Slifer the sky Dragon deserve to be found in the golden MillenniumPuzzle booster packs)

just own simon then kill the gramp adude u have the right to kill that by beatng the the the 2nd timeu just use gods and also he blows up and u unlock the monster stardust dragon

Hmm everyone sais they can use the egpytian god cards cna u .. .after u beat Simon tryignto find out please tell me :D

ive checked virtually every website for the god cards and how lock ould b supplied in the game andthey all r fake that 100% difficult to use the god cards in the game if u actualy uncover away come prove me wrong email me the way u got em and also i will post the prize on the bestsite because that the game. If u discover a means to usage god crds in u gi five eternal duelist spirit emailme at purple.paul13

i wont b expecting any emails about this for this reason lol great luck through the video game oh and i beatthe video game 4 times and this time i have actually beaten every duelist 99 timesgood luck v the video game :D

cheat male .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... ...................

i got all the cheat password so simply text me here and also i will anser as quickly as ns am on heres acode because that you for red eyes black color dragon 24677422. For red eye black steel dragon its64335804. If these do not occupational tell me and also i will acquire u the ideal codes. My name for hereis walk to be 007 therefore if you message me i recognize you space talking come me or just contact me cheatman lol



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