Cartoon Network had actually some impressive shows. Sadly, a the majority of them to be canceled in your prime! here are 20 instances we"re still uncomfortable about.

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Cartoon Network has lugged amazing cartoons in our childhood, and also during the time, they conquered our hours of the town hall TV compared to the cartoons from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. The channel has carried many cartoons us absolutely loved cultivation up such together Teen Titans, The Grim Adventures of Billy and also Mandy, Code Lyoko, and also so lot more. The truth that this cartoons space still talked about and love to this particular day shows exactly how much it left an affect on us.

Unfortunately, executives native Cartoon Network had to make selections that to be unfair come us, however sadly advantageous for them, and also that would have to be the cancellation the the cartoons. Some were cancelled as well soon, when others were just getting good, however ended abruptly without the cartoon getting any closure. Part may have come ago as reboots, yet most of castle would finish up being completely inferior and also somewhat attack to the larger fans. Whenever these cartoons would certainly come earlier on the air together a rerun, it would be a blessing come watch than the brand-new cartoons that are not together good.

part cancelled shows are additionally a great thing, especially if a cartoon all at once is not that an excellent due to an unfavorable reception or lack of viewers. Cartoon Network, however, cancelled more good cartoons 보다 bad, which mirrors that us cannot always have quite things. They to be gone also soon, yet most of castle will never ever be forgotten. Here are twenty Cartoon Network shows that to be cancelled because that mind-blowing reasons!


20 It obtained Cancelled, Apparently

Whatever happened to... Robot Jones? was among Cartoon Network’s more quickly shows, and for what it had to offer, it to be pretty solid. The idea that a teenage robot walking to middle school is interesting, to say the least. It to be even unique to offer it a text-to-speech voice in the an initial season, do the main character an really robot. The ide managed to be exciting given the it is a comedy, however having a robot together the key character is something the was never ever done before!

However, this cartoon was short-lived since the initial creator left and there was absence of support. Whatever happened to... Robot Jones? is a perfect example of an underrated cartoon. While friend were wait for her cartoon come come ago from advertisement break, you could have checked out the titular character popular music up once in a while and also wonder the his origins.


19 no Pleasing for Its Demographic

Chowder to be a rather strange cartoon, however it was additionally surprisingly charming. The surreal art style and also use of stop-motion make this cartoon among a kind. The characters were whacky in a great way and also the humor was clever. So, once it pertained to cancelling this creative cartoon, the reason was unfortunately sad.

The show did not fit with the enlarge boys" demographic.

It transforms out the older guys were into the live activity show Destroy construct Destroy instead because, friend know, that was absolutely a cartoon come look front to. If girlfriend did not catch that, it was sarcasm, mine friend. Regardless, it to be absolutely a shame the this display did not end the method it was claimed to, yet Chowder will never be forgotten.


18 Misadventures comes To A Close

similar to Chowder, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack likewise used surrealism because that the arts style, and also boy was it breathtaking. Right here is a funny fact: did you recognize that Pee-wee Herman to be originally claimed to it is in the voice because that Flapjack? However, the did not show up on the day of recording, so the creator, Thurop van Orman, decided to voice him. Still, imagine Pee-wee playing the main character, it sounds sort of cool!

because that it to it is in cancelled was a surprise. There are speculations ranging from a low number of viewers come high production costs. Regardless of the factor for it being cancelled, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was a quite cartoon and also it was a shame to view it seek its bittersweet finishing featuring the creator’s child playing the live-action variation of Flapjack.

when it involves shows the were cancelled on Cartoon Network, The High furustos Adventures of stroked nerves Orange definitely deserved to be cancelled. This could be a strange selection since it has live-action elements, yet it is still taken into consideration a cartoon, so this kind of counts. However, it is a destructive one the does the original YouTube series injustice. The show is certainly… well, annoying. When it involved greenlighting a TV show like this, it was doomed native the start.

The cancellation was because of the initial creator’s studio shutting down.

Dane Boedigheimer is a talented person, there is no a doubt, yet this cartoon should have stayed top top YouTube and YouTube only. The is choose we space saying our many thanks for having actually Cartoon Network cancel this annoying cartoon.


16 Shortest Time top top Cartoon Network

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opportunities are you have probably never heard that Robotomy. That would certainly be a common answer today. Robotomy is a cartoon about two robot outcasts who start high school. The does sound familiar to Whatever occurred to... Robot Jones? but Robot Jones to be a much more memorable character contrasted to the main duo in the show. In fact, this display was based on failed pitch ideas for Cartoon Network, so because that this to be greenlit was a surprising an option for the executives.

Honestly, the cancellation to be to it is in expected. As result of high production costs and also low foreign appeal, this show ended abruptly. Together of now, Robotomy is the shortest-running series on Cartoon Network, only having actually ten episodes total. The was regrettably not expected to be for this cartoon.

similar to the previous entry, this show was short-lived come the point of whether or not many world even mental Sunday Pants. This cartoon is composed of shorts the resemble that of What a Cartoon! i m sorry is ironically Sunday Pants’ predecessor. Even if it is the shorts space funny or not, the is completely up to the viewers’ preferences.

So, the cancellation of this display was again, not a surprise. The truth that only five of its episodes aired the end of the originally planned eleven mirrors that this show was no going anywhere. It to be crazy to understand that Cartoon Network would certainly pull the plug before its original run can end.

It might just be possible that Cartoon Network wants everyone come forget this present even existed, and also due to just how poorly that did, they might have a point.


14 Parody of Mecha done Well

Megas XLR was a cartoon the acted as a love tribute and also parody to the mecha genre in anime. That was an extremely charming because that what it was and there were definitely a number fans who absolutely adored this show. The overall story was surprisingly serious, but the characters and also their actions bring the humor and parody facets to life.

as soon as the display was cancelled due to low ratings, countless fans make petitions to shot to revive the show. Co-creator George Krstic and director kris Prynoski want the show to return as well. However, Krstic revealed the factor why the present cannot come back, speak in an interview, “Megas was written off as a taxes loss and as such cannot it is in exploited, at least domestically, in any way, or the network will obtain into some sort of tax/legal trouble.”

the was regrettably sad because that this show’s fate, indeed.

Funny how cartoons that showed up on Cartoon Network ended up gaining cancelled, just to be rebooted. Ben 10 is definitely one the those shows. The present can be cheesy in ~ times, but it certain left an affect and spawned mirrors that take ar years ~ the original series. The is just how much Ben 10 left one impact. However, production expenses were too high, which eventually ended the show too soon.

What occurred after that? We gained an awful reboot that is just too annoying. Sure, Tara solid reprised her role, yet she to be pretty lot the just recognizable voice actress to carry out so. Us missed the darker storyline and watching Ben flourish up together he fights to save the world. If anything, the reboot should have actually been cancelled instead.


12 André 3000"s passion Project

This was a sudden surprise for this display to be conceived. Created by Outkast member André 3000, Class that 3000 to be a cartoon about a music teacher, who is voiced by André 3000, that teaches student in Atlanta’s Westley institution of Performing Arts. The music was certainly a solid point in the show, and also the arts style and also colors space vibrant. It even well received by critics.

The reason for this present being cancelled was somewhat controversial, such together André 3000 being sued for stealing ideas from a former art student named Timothy McGee. However, it was likewise cancelled due to the budget plan constraints. Because that a display that is created by a member of a famous hip-hop group, the was some scary revelation Cartoon Network had actually to walk through.

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The Life and also Times of Juniper Lee to be a nice show produced by previous MTV fact TV star Judd Winick, who happens to it is in a comic publication writer for Green Lantern and Green Arrow. The premise is about an Asian-American girl named Juniper that is the current Te Xuan Ze, a guardian that protects the human and magic world. That was influenced by The Simpsons and Buffy the Vampire Slayer however does not take any routes the inspirations took.

The cartoon to be clever and entertaining, and also when the cancellation was announced, there was no particular reason as to why the was. It might not sound specifically mind-blowing because of not understanding the cause, but the reality that there were plans for a fourth and also fifth season makes us wonder what can have been for this amazing pre-teen.


10 blame The Live-Action Film

Something around superhero reflects does not always go well because that Cartoon Network. For fans, it definitely did. Green Lantern: The man Series to be a nice take on Hal Jordan and also his time during the environment-friendly Lantern Corp. The collection went places where we did not intend it come take. It to be an as whole engaging display that helped green Lantern become much more recognizable.

mockery Keaton, the voice actor for eco-friendly Lantern, evidenced that the cartoon was cancelled due to negative toy sales from the live-action adaptation. If all of us had actually to agree on one thing: the cartoon was so much much better than the movie starring Ryan Reynolds. The low ratings did not help either, so seeing an awesome present like Green Lantern: The animated Series go was unfortunately no fair.

together the location of this entry states, this exceptional Star Wars series is what the prequels should have actually been (thanks for this reason much, George Lucas). For those that have not watched this epic show, that takes location after the events of the 2nd movie and before/during the 3rd movie in the prequel trilogy.

For part reason, Cartoon Network did not air the critical season, but thanks come Netflix, us were able come witness it. The cancellation, however, was among the saddest news for us Star battles fans. The story was not complete, despite getting close come the events that happened throughout Revenge of the Sith.

when Disney owned the civil liberties to whatever Star Wars related, the cartoon was cancelled because of its insanely high budget. It sadly ended after six seasons, however want to understand the saddest part? over there would have actually been eight seasons.


8 A an overwhelming Project

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Sym-Bionic Titan was developed by Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory’s Genndy Tartakovsky. He is a an innovative and intelligent guy who lugged interesting principles to life through what he come up with. Prefer with other shows ~ above this list, this cartoon has homages to anime. It to be a thought-provoking display that had cool characters and sleek animation.

The factor for that is cancellation was, “Genndy’s moved on to Sony pictures Animation. Titan obtained competitive ratings through other activity shows, yet what close up door it down was it didn’t have enough toys connected to it. If friend don’t have actually the , the studios don’t desire to renew for another season.”

having actually merchandise is what helps save the show going, however with just how the cartoon was handled, it was tragic for it to be cancelled since of the reason.

when this awesome cartoon around three small girls created by sugar, spice, whatever nice, and also chemical X graced our eyes when it first aired, the did not gain cancelled by Cartoon Network every say. It did very well and also sold a the majority of merchandise along the way. It to be going to obtain a seventh season, however…

The creator, Craig McCracken, want to work on various other projects.

the is understandable that the initial creator want to focus on various other shows than simply The Powerpuff Girls, and also that is okay. Unfortunately, the reboot is not doing us any favors since it heavily relies on internet memes and replacing the main three voice actresses without offering them a contact to reprise their roles. Also McCracken was no pleased, i m sorry is a recipe for catastrophe in the franchise’s name.


6 Ooh, Scary!
Courage the Cowardly Dog was absolutely one the Cartoon Network’s many iconic cartoons of every time. The ironic title, exciting settings, and also memorable characters made this present work during its run. This fear comedy even carried characters that still creep us out, such as King Ramses, Freaky Fred, and Katz.

It has been unfortunately cancelled, yet the factors for it have actually yet to be confirmed. Part say that the show was as well scary for kids, which have the right to be a logical answer. Meanwhile, rather say that there was some type of "symbolism" in between two female characters and domestic violence in one illustration titled, “The Mask.”

regardless of the reasons, courage the Cowardly Dog is tho a memorable and also clever display that has great writing and also knew just how to make united state shiver in fear, however in a great way.

This kooky cartoon around a fictionalized variation of the real-life band Puffy AmiYumi to be a happiness ride. Hi hi Puffy AmiYumi to be bright and also colorful, having actually some anime-inspired elements. That even consisted of a live-action segment the the tape members Ami and Yumi make cheesy, yet charming commentaries in English and Japanese.

The adventures the two girls and their manager walk on space entertaining and comedic, offering the cartoon a lighthearted strategy during the time top top the air. So, as soon as it concerned the cartoon gift cancelled, it to be shocking come hear the news. Together for the cause, nobody knows, even to this day. After ~ that, everything concerning the show just disappeared.

It could have to be mentioned during the 20th anniversary that Cartoon Network, however when the cartoon left the spotlight, there were episodes unaired and also no assistance for DVD releases. At the very least the tape is tho rocking come this day.


4 better Than The Original, but Short-Lived

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The reboot for ThunderCats to be a how amazing welcome on Cartoon Network. The amazing anime-inspired arts style, the fleshed-out characters, and story were impressive highlights because that this cartoon. It gotten rid of the cheesiness of the original cartoon and took that characters and story seriously. It had actually the appropriate demographic and gained critical acclaim, therefore what taken place to this exceptional cartoon?

The time slot were inconsistent, resulting in low ratings.

The creator of the reboot, Dan Norton, confirmed the news that its cancellation after just one season. It to be going to have fifty-two episodes, however it only finished up with twenty-six. That was an extremely tragic since Norton prospered up through the show and pour his heart and also soul right into the project. Who knows what will occur with the future of ThunderCats?

Technically, Samurai Jack gained cancelled, but thanks to Toonami last year, we finished up gaining the fifth and also final season that lugged closure to the amazing show that us deserved. Us cheered because that Jack as he provides his method in the future timeline come get back to Aku and also go back to his original timeline. As soon as the original collection finale premiered, we were hoping to see an epic fight against Jack and Aku, yet it never ever happened back then.

Despite confident reviews, it was cancelled because of being as well violent.

Well, that was kind of the point of Samurai Jack. There is bound to be violence in the show, and also during its original run, there was not that lot bloodshed. As soon as it aired top top Adult Swim, however, that is a whole different story. Great thing we acquired an epos conclusion come this amazing cartoon!


2 How could This Happen?

Young righteousness was just like Teen Titans; the cartoon was created brilliantly with a gripping plot line, impressive characters, and awesome animation. The sidekicks were more than that. Lock were coming to be superheroes fighting because that justice and protecting the innocent people. It at some point was may be to get a 3rd season ~ its unfair cancellation. Why did it gain the unfair treatment?

The cancellation was due to lack the toy sales.

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The truth that the funding and reliability that toy sales was required to keep this show going is quite ridiculous, especially because this is the 21st century. Sure, there are still toys being purchase today, yet it is not prefer the 90"s. It additionally did not assist that since the mrs viewers to be a huge part of the demographic, executives thought that they space to blame as result of lack of playthings being sold.

speaking of Teen Titans, that just leads to…

Teen Titans stop a special place in ours hearts. The awesome 5 consisting the Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and also Beast boy remains among our favourite superhero teams. They have comedic moments the make united state laugh, sad moments that make us cry, and sweet moments that make us go, “Aww!”

The fact that the cartoon was cancelled broke our hearts.

The display ended abruptly with Terra leaving Beast young to live her life as a high college student. Cartoon Network certainly made a huge mistake in cancelling it. Teen Titans became cancelled due to the fact that the story pitched to Cartoon Network was never green-lit through executives. Since of that, us were treated with an finishing that to be somehow fitting yet rushed and an extremely depressing.

Things carry out change, however from exactly how the show ended, it was gone too soon.

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