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Victor Frankenstein

Son that Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein; brother to Ernest and William;cousin, adoptive brother, and also later husband come Elizabeth; childhood playfriend that Henry Clerval; student of Krempe and also Waldman.Rescued indigenous an icefloe in the Arctic ocean (Letter 4.2), Frankenstein narrates thecomplete novel come Robert Walton. Born in Geneva, Victor is education at the college of Ingolstadt in chemistry. There his researches bringhim to discover the secret of life, and he constructs and animates agiant being (1.3.5 and 1.4.1). Appalled by hisugliness, Victor flees, and also upon returning to his lodgings find the biology gone. That suffers a concerned collapse andis nursed earlier to wellness over number of months through Clerval, who has likewise cometo the college to study.A year-and-a-half pass, when Victor receives a letter native his fatherannouncing the fatality of his youngest sibling, William, and also summoning himhome. On the method he encounters his creature on the suburbs of Geneva (1.6.7) and realizes that he has been agentof William"s death. ~ above his arrival, however, the is greeted through news ofthe arrest of Justine Moritz for the deed. Justine is do the efforts and, convicted on circumstantial evidence, is executed. Recognizing his responsibility, Victor sinks right into a deep depression.Hoping to recoup the family"s previous sense of well-being, Alphonseproposes a pilgrimage to the sink of Chamounix in ~ Mt. Blanc. (In the 1831 edition Victorundertakes this tour by himself.) upon the glacier well-known as the Mer de Glace, Victor is all of sudden encounteredby his creature (2.2.3) and also forced tolisten to the story that his presence to this point, a narration thattakes increase the main third of the novel. The biology appeals to Victorto develop a mate because that him, and Victor reluctantly promises to carry out so.Returning to Geneva, Victor asks the his father the his nuptials withElizabeth it is in postponed till he has had a possibility to travel. His realpurpose because that the expedition he undertakes come England is come gain further knowledgebefore developing a 2nd being. Clerval accompanies that on this trip, butthey component in Scotland, and also Victorsettles in the remote Orkney Islandsand sets to work. The is racked with second thoughts, and, upondiscovering the creature observing his efforts, he destroys the gift hewas creating. The creature vows revenge. Victor sets turn off for theScottish mainland, however a strong wind tote his boat to the northerncoast the Ireland, wherein he isarrested for a murder just committed, that of his friend Clerval. Thisevent precipitates a 2nd collapse that health, and he is brought earlier tohealth ~ the arrival of his father. Acquitted as having actually arrived after ~ Clerval"s death, Victor return toGeneva to marry Elizabeth. Top top the night the their marriage the Creature"svow that he would certainly be v Victor on this night translates right into the murderof his bride. Alphonse suffers a deadly stroke, and Victor sets turn off toenact his own revenge top top the Creature, travelling first down come Marseilles, then across the Mediterranean Sea into Russia and across its huge expanse ontothe frozen Arctic Ocean. There,after a break-up of the ice cream pack, Victor found himself stranded andincapable of additional pursuit, yet has been rescued by Walton. As soon as Walton,under risk of a mutiny, identify to give up his expedition and also returnto England, the exhausted and also now purposeless Victor die (Walton 11).

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The creature returns to theship, whereby Walton encounters him lamenting his creator"s death.Letter 1.2 and also note ("Wondrous power")Letter 1.3 and note ("Day and also night")Letter 1.4 and also note ("This greatenterprise")Letter 1.4 and also note ("Glory")Letter 1.4 and also note ("Physical science")Letter 2.4 and also note ("What a noble fellow!")Letter 4.7 and note ("I once had a friend")<1831 only>Letter 4.7 and also note ("I once had a friend")1.1.1 and also note ("By birth")1.1.5 and also note ("Brothers")1.1.6 and note ("The moral relations ofthings") <1831 only>1.1.6 and also note ("The framework oflanguages, nor the code ... Of various states") <1831 only>1.1.10 and also note ("The guardian angel ofmy life") <1831 only>1.2.7 and note ("A state ofinsurrection and turmoil") <1831 only>1.2.7 and also note ("I express myself inmeasured terms") <1831 only>1.6.1 and also note ("An lacking child")1.6.12 and note ("Frankness ofdisposition")2.1.4 and also note ("Revenge")3.4.10 and note ("Maladie du pays")