Tobi introduced himself as Madara to Nagato and Konan. Zetsu knows his real identity. He showed his real face to Kisame. Itachi at least knows that Tobi is not a goofball (if not his real identity). Why did he have to put up a goofball facade for Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Hidan? There were reasons to keep his real identity hidden, but why did he not introduce himself as Madara to the whole group?


Tobi acted like a goofball to hide his true nature. Pein was the leader of Akatsuki, but

Tobi was the one pulling the strings behind everything so he had to mask his true identity and seem unworthy of investigation.

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Tobi made himself look weak and useless, which is perfect for his disguise.



Well, deidara did express some negative connotations and resentment towards the Uchiha clan and their sharingan. Since he was paired up with Deidara, if he had expressed his identity of Madara in the beginning, that may have created possible tension/conflict. But, that is only speculation and a small fragment of the possible answer.


Madara told Obito/Tobi to use his identity until he is revived. Since he used Madara"s identity, he had to wear a mask, otherwise some may had revealed that he isn"t Madara.

Found in this Wiki on chapter "Moving the Plan Forward" and from Chapter 606 in the Manga.


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Why was Kisame surprised when he saw Obito (Tobi/fake Madara) without the mask the second time they've met in person?
Before Tobi/Madara fought Konan, why no one tried to attack him while he's transporting himself?

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