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\"Big negative John\" is a country song originally performed by Jimmy Dean, that wrote and also composed that in participation with Roy Acuff. It was released in September 1961 and by the beginning of November it had actually gone come number one on the Billboard hot 100. It winner Dean the 1962 Grammy compensation for ideal Country & western Recording, and was nominated because that the Grammy award for song of the Year. The song and its sequels call a story typical of American folklore, storage of Paul Bunyan or john Henry. huge Bad man was also the location of a 1990 television movie certification Dean.more »

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(Big John, large John)Every mornin\" in ~ the mine you could see the arriveHe stand six-foot-six and also weighed two-forty-fiveKinda large at the shoulder and narrow in ~ the hipAnd everyone knew ya didn\"t provide no lip to big John(Big John, huge John)Big negative John (big John)Nobody seemed to know where John called homeHe just drifted right into town and stayed all aloneHe didn\"t to speak much, kinda quiet and shyAnd if you speak at all, you just said hi to large JohnSomebody claimed he come from new OrleansWhere he got in a fight end a Cajun QueenAnd a crashin\" blow from a large right handSent a Louisiana other to the promised land, huge John(Big John, large John)Big poor John (big John)Then come the day at the bottom that the mineWhen a hardwood cracked and men began cryin\"Miners to be prayin\" and also hearts win fastAnd everybody thought that they\"d breathed your last, \"cept JohnThrough the dust and the acting of this fabricated hellWalked a huge of a male that the miners knew wellGrabbed a saggin\" timber, offered out with a groanAnd like a large oak tree he just stood over there alone, big John(Big John, big John)Big negative John (big John)And with every one of his stamin he gave a mighty shoveThen a miner yelled the end \"there\"s a light up above!\"And twenty men scrambled indigenous a would-be graveNow there\"s only one left down there to save, big JohnWith jacks and timbers castle started ago downThen came that rumble way down in the groundAnd then smoke and also gas belched the end of that mineEverybody knew it to be the end of the line for huge John(Big John, large John)Big bad John (big John)Now, they never reopened that worthless pitThey just inserted a marble stand in front of itThese couple of words room written on the standAt the bottom that this mine lies a big, huge manBig John(Big John, big John)Big negative John (big John)(Big John) huge bad John

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Jimmy Dean Jimmy beam Dean (August 10, 1928 – June 13, 2010) to be an American country music singer, television host, actor and businessman. Back he may be ideal known this day as the creator of the Jimmy Dean sausage brand, he ended up being a nationwide television personality beginning in 1957, increasing to fame for his 1961 nation crossover hit \"Big bad John\" and his tv series, The Jimmy Dean Show, which additionally gave puppeteer Jim Henson his first national media exposure. His acting career had a supporting duty as Willard Whyte in the 1971 James bond movie, Diamonds space Forever.

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He lived close to Richmond, Virginia, and also was nominated because that the country Music hall of fame in 2010, back he was formally inducted posthumously. More »