Last year plenty of of our favourite celeb couples bound the knot, and also while we’re indeed rooting for all of them, Hollywood is certainly known for having a couple of short-lived marriages. ~ above the various other hand, there are also plenty of celebrity marriages that have actually stood the test of time— and also Sigourney Weaver’s is one of them. The Alien actress has been married to her husband, Jim Simpson, for 36 years. The couple share a daughter, Charlotte Simpson, and also have even welcomed grandchildren right into their lives. Long marriages aren’t always a rarity for renowned folks, however they perform make our hearts flutter when we watch these couples exceed all of our #relationshipgoals. Weaver recently mutual her mystery to she successful marriage with InStyle, and honestly, we’re taking notes.

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“I’ve constantly believed what they say in the psychology magazines — that everything is wrong v your existing relationship, you’ll reexperience it in the next one,” Weaver said the newspaper in the February “Badass Women” issue. “So why not stick v this good guy that you found and also work points out v him?”



Although the speak is that opposites attract, it appears as though Weaver might disagree with this one. She included that an additional reason that her connection with her phase director husband has actually been so effective is the reality that they’re well-matched — yet not too well-matched.

The actress also opened up about how she daughter Charlotte was conceived via IVF 30 years ago, and also admitted the it produced temporary difficulties in she marriage, which numerous women have the right to attest to developing in their own lives together well.

“It take away a toll fee on your body and also on the marital relationship too, due to the fact that you begin looking in ~ clocks and also all that stuff. But I’m therefore glad we persevered,” Weaver said.

The February concern ofInStyle, accessible on newsstands, top top Amazon, and fordigital download January 15.

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