Creon spends much more time onstage in these 3 plays thanany other character except the Chorus. His existence is so constantand his words so crucial to plenty of parts that the plays that he cannotbe dismissed as simply the bureaucratic fool he sometimes seemsto be. Rather, he represents the really real strength of human being law andof the human being need for an orderly, steady society. Once we firstsee Creon in Oedipus the King, Creon is presented tobe different from the citizens of Thebes. He speak Oedipus that hehas lugged news from the oracle and suggests that Oedipus hearit inside. Creon has actually the secretive, businesslike wait ofa politician, which stands in sharp contrast to Oedipus, who tellshim come speak the end in prior of everybody. When Oedipus insists onhearing Creon’s news in public and builds his power as a politicalleader by espousing a rhetoric the openness, Creon is a understand ofmanipulation. If Oedipus is will on speak what he means and onhearing the truth—even when Jocasta begs and pleads v him not to—Creonis happy come dissemble and also equivocate.

At present 651–690, Creonargues the he has actually no desire come usurp Oedipus together king since he,Jocasta, and also Oedipus dominance the kingdom through equal power—Oedipus ismerely the king in name. This argument may it seems to be ~ convincing, partlybecause in ~ this minute in the pat we space disposed to be sympathetictoward Creon, because Oedipus has just bespeak Creon’s banishment.In solution to Oedipus’s hotheaded foolishness, Creon sounds likethe voice that reason. Only in the final scene the Oedipusthe King, once Creon’s brief lines show his eagerness toexile Oedipus and also separate the from his children, do we view thatthe location of king is what Creon desires above all.

Creon is in ~ his many dissembling in Oedipus atColonus, wherein he when again needs something native Oedipus.His honey-tongued speeches come Oedipus and also Theseus space made every themore ugly by his cowardly attempt to kidnap Antigone and Ismene.In Antigone, us at last view Creon comfortable inthe ar of power. Eteocles and Polynices, like their father, aredead, and Creon holds the very same unquestioned prominence that Oedipusonce held. Of course, as soon as Creon achieves the stability and powerthat that sought and Oedipus possessed, he starts to echo Oedipus’smistakes. Creon denounces Tiresias, for instance (1144–1180),obviously echoing Oedipus’s denunciation in Oedipus theKing (366–507). And, that course, Creon’spenitent wailings in the final lines of Antigone echo those of Oedipusat the end of Oedipus the King. What have the right to perhaps many be claimed mostin favor of Creon is that in his last lines he also begins to soundlike Antigone, waiting for whatever new disaster fate will certainly bringhim. That cries out that he is “nothing,” “no one,” but it is his sufferingthat provides him seem human in the end.

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