I'm rewatching from the 2nd season, and several people keep saying "There's no way he could get so strong so fast.... maybe he's..."

And then it cuts off. All kinds of captains, and Yoruichi, and everyone has been saying it, and then it cuts off.... What were they talking about at the time?


Ichigo looks a lot like the recently deceased kaien shiba from the shiba clan. Later on you find out isshin kurosaki is a shiba himself so kaien and Ichigo were cousins.

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I know that... but I'm asking if it was ever officially explained in the manga the exact thing they were thinking he was in the beginning. I want to know if they never brought it up again or if everyone was all of a sudden finishing that sentence and saying "Yea he looks just like Kaien, and he's Isshin's son, that's why!"

Also it can't be that recent, since Shinigami age so slowly, Kaien's younger brother was still a child when he died. So it must've been like 50-100 years ago, or more.

I doubt that, no one ever said anything about his return during the Aizen fight. Not a "Who the fuck are you?" or a "Hey holy shit you're still alive!", just nothing at all. Unless someone has proof they actually recognize the dude.

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to, but it could be a mistranslation. I'd say they were going to say "he's just a human!" and it got cut off, since that was a major element in the earlier arcs.

In Japanese the "maybe" part is usually at the end of a sentence for these sorts of statements, so it's impossible to tell what they meant. It would've literally said "he's...!"

But like I said I'm not entirely sure because I haven't watched the anime for a long time, so I could be completely wrong.

It's a good arc to watch, all the fights are cool, up until Aizen gets taken away by the Hollow.

I see this a lot when it comes to other anime's as well. For the most part I think its entirely just a story telling device. It keeps the watcher thinking "HES WHAT?! WHAT IS HE? OH GOD JUST TELL ME" and keeps you watching.

As long as the Manga will hint at a mysterious unknown background then the anime will likely cash in on it to heighten suspense.

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In that scene, I always assumed Byakuya was thinking that Ichigo may actually be a royal family member since he was just talking about how only one person born from the families every thousand years achieves bankai or something like that. It worked to me since he seemed to know about Kaien and was shown to be reminded of him when fighting Ichigo. Plus it'd be a nice example of that level 4 forshadowing that Kubo had talked about

Nope they were talking about kaien shiba, who happens to be ichigo's cousin, and the resemblance they shared. Ukitake had shiba in mind when he saw ichigo's for the first time.