Spider-Man Turned under The Avengers in Movies and Comics despite Spider-Man was as soon as a proud member of the Avengers, he initially TURNED under Earth"s Mightiest Heroes in the MCU and also Marvel Comics!

spider-man avengers
Though Spider-Man has been a member that the Avengers in the past, the web-slinger initially rejected the Earth"s Mightiest Heroes. As soon as Spider-Man was an initial introduced in 1962, that was initially a loner that was taken into consideration a hero by some, and also a menace by others.

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Though Spider-Man would ally himself with assorted super-heroes over the years, including the wonderful Four, The X-Men, and Daredevil, he never formally joined any team for a long time. Since of Spider-Man"s dubious reputation, in spite of his numerous acts the heroism, nobody attempted to give Spidey a same shot at really belonging come the hero community. However, that would change a couple of years right into Spider-Man"s heroic career, as soon as the Avengers chose to invite the web-head to join their team!

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In Amazing Spider-Man annual #3, by Stan Lee, john Romita, and Don heck the Avengers debated on whether or no to invite Spider-Man to your team. Members favor Hawkeye, who had actually been taken into consideration outlaws, were much more than willing to offer Spider-Man a shot, while others like the Wasp had actually decided against the idea because of the secret around the hero. While the Avengers could not with a agreement at first, Captain America determined to reach out to fellow hero, and Spider-Man"s friend, daronger to see if Spidey would certainly be thought about Avengers material. After Daredevil offered Cap a glowing recommendation, the team decided to track Spidey down and also formally invite him to join.

Spider-Man first Meets The Avengers
after ~ a brief time, Thor controlled to track down Spider-Man and also invited the to shot out for the Avengers, yet Spidey was originally reluctant, bring away aback by just how abrupt the invite was. Thor offered Spider-Man 24 hrs to officially reply, and also though Spider-Man invested some time thinking the issue over, the ultimately chose that the best use that his powers to be to sign up with the biggest super-hero team. The Avengers welcomed Spider-Man with open up arms, but prior to he can officially join, they offered him the ultimate test: Find and also Capture the Hulk!

Spider-Man, with very little hesitation determined to monitor the Hulk down, and also promptly started searching because that him in new York. After ~ swinging through the daily Bugle, lot to the annoyance the J. Jonah Jameson, Spidey learned that the Hulk was spotted at a Gamma Ray study Center. Once Spidey uncovered Hulk, the two started to fight and, despite the Hulk"s strength, Spider-Man was able to store up with the eco-friendly Goliath. At one point, Hulk it s okay doused through Gamma Rays, causing him to revert come Bruce Banner. Spider-Man and Bruce converse, through Spider-Man questioning why the Avengers would want to uncover him. Bruce relays just how he is constantly hunted due to his transformations, and he has no idea why the Avengers desire to find him.

Banner ultimately reverts ago to the Hulk, and though Spidey manages come subdue that in webbing, he feels that Bruce and also the Hulk have to not endure anymore by gift captured. Spider-Man lets the Hulk go, and also returns to the Avengers by flatly saying the he has failed his mission. ~ Spider-Man swings away, the team space disappointed in ~ the hero"s evident inaction, and also discuss how they only wanted to assist cure the Hulk, fairly than imprison that (a information they failed to relay come Spider-Man before he left).

Spider-Man turns Down The Avengers
In the after-effects of Spider-Man"s failure, the hero laments the chance that might have been, now longing for a member he was at first reluctant to have. This contrasts through Spider-Man"s portrayal in Spider-Man Homecoming, wherein Spider-Man likewise rejected the Avengers, albeit for a different reason. In Homecoming, Peter Parker had actually idolized the Avengers because that years, and would have done noþeles to join the super-team. By the finish of the movie however, after defeating the Vulture and also learning what that really means to be a hero, Peter decides that he"s fine v being a "friendly neighborhood" Spider-Man because that awhile. In the comics however, Spider-Man never ever had any type of interest in joining the Avengers, like to speak to his very own shots and also be a hero ~ above his own. While Spider-Man quickly warmed as much as the idea of authorized the team, the didn"t desire to rotate in the Hulk to the authorities, having actually seen that his life is downright miserable. When the Avengers only wanted to help their ally, Spider-Man wasn"t privy to the fact, and also thought the he walk the ideal thing through rejecting his membership. In the movies, Spider-Man happily transforms down his membership to gain being young for awhile, when in the comics, Spider-Man end up much more depressed through the entirety experience.

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Spider-Man Regrets Avengers Comic
despite Spider-Man"s initial encounter with the Avengers didn"t finish well, he would eventually become a to make reservation member of the Avengers, fighting alongside them from time come time. Eventually in Brian Michael Bendis"s New Avengers, he would become an main member of the Avengers alongside various other heroes prefer Wolverine, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman. For number of years afterwards, Spider-Man to be a member of several Avengers teams, consisting of the main Avengers, the new Avengers, and even the Uncanny Avengers because that a short time.

While Spider-Man is not currently a member that the Avengers at this time, it"s only a matter of time prior to Spider-Man answer the speak to to activity and i do not care a Mighty Avenger when more!