2.6 electrical conductors, semi-conductors and also insulators 2.6 electric conductors, semi-conductors and also insulators

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2.6 electric conductors, semi-conductors and insulators (ESAAH)

electrical conductor

An electrical conductor is a substance that permits an electrical existing to pass with it.

Electrical conductors are usually metals. Copper is among the ideal electrical conductors, and this is why the is supplied to do conducting wire. In reality, silver actually has actually an even higher electrical conductivity than copper, yet silver is as well expensive come use.

In the overhead strength lines that we see above us, aluminium is used. The aluminium usually surrounds a steel main point which adds renders it stronger so that it doesn"t break as soon as it is stretched across distances. Periodically gold is provided to make wire since it is really resistant to surface corrosion. Corrosion is as soon as a product starts to deteriorate since of its reactions v oxygen and also water in the air.

Power lines


An insulator is a non-conducting product that does not carry any kind of charge.

Examples of insulators are plastic and wood. Semi-conductors behave prefer insulators once they space cold, and also like conductors once they space hot. The facets silicon and also germanium are examples of semi-conductors.

Electrical conductivity


To investigate the electrical conductivity that a number of substances


two or three cells

light bulb

crocodile clips

wire leads

a choice of check substances (e.g. A item of plastic, aluminium can, steel pencil sharpener, magnet, wood, chalk, cloth).



Set up the circuit as presented above, so the the check substance is held in between the two crocodile clips. The cable leads have to be associated to the cells and the light pear should likewise be linked into the circuit.

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Place the check substances one by one between the crocodile clips and see what happens to the light bulb. If the light bulb shines it way that current is flowing and also the substance you are testing is one electrical conductor.


Record your outcomes in the table below:

Test substance


Does the light bulb glow?

Conductor or insulator


In the substances the were tested, the metals were able to command electricity and also the non-metals to be not. Steels are great electrical conductors and non-metals room not.