Pokemon Let’s Go could have a flavour every one of its own, yet it quiet leans top top a classic RPG mechanism of development where the path ahead is blocked until you’ve got a certain item or ability. It’s not constantly straightforward discovering where to go in these instances - or also if the items are certainly required because that the story - for this reason here’s where to uncover things choose Tea, the Silph Scope, and also the strong Push capacity in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Pokemon Let’s walk Story Items

If you’ve curiously searched for any type of of the items provided on this page, however are wary that spoilers, just recognize that you’ll eventually get every of them together you development through the main story the Pokemon Let’s Go.

So if for instance you’re wondering how to acquire tea for the door guard as soon as you’ve left Cerulean City, just know the you’ll discover it eventually throughout your adventure and also head off right into the secret Pass.

But if you’re stuck and after an ext specific help, perform read on!

Where to find Tea in Pokemon Let’s Go

As aforementioned, you deserve to run right into the thirsty guard as quickly as you’ve beaten Misty and also left Cerulean City. But you don’t gain accessibility to the connecting tunnels quite yet - if you did, you’d be able to accessibility gym leaders and also trainers much an ext powerful than yourself.


To acquire Tea because that the Guard, you need to proceed on to Celadon City. This will certainly be acquainted to veterans of the OG Gameboy games, where you had actually to seize a drink native the vending an equipment on the roof, but it’s a small easier in Pokemon Let’s Go. All you should do once you reach Celadon is find your old friend Brock in the west of the city, near the Poliwrath.

He’ll provide you the tea that you require to obtain past the guard.

First you require to gain the chop down capability from the SS Anne and also clear Vermillion City, prior to heading earlier up to Cerulean and through the absent Tunnel. From Lavender town on the various other side head west, past all of the trainers, and also through the 2nd Underground Pass.

Where to uncover the Silph border in Pokemon Let’s Go

The Silph Scope is one more classic item native Pokemon gamings of yore. You’ll likely an initial hear of it as soon as you reach the eerie Lavender city and shot to rise the Pokemon Tower.

Things right here - again - play out a tiny differently to just how they walk in the original Pokemon games, so, without spoiling also much, to obtain the Silph limit you should tail Team Rocket to Celadon City and also clear out their mystery hideout in the video game Corner.

Defeating your leader will net friend the coveted Silph Scope and also unlock the rest of Pokemon Tower for you to explore at your leisure. Spoopy!

Where come find solid Push in Pokemon Let’s Go

Replacing the strength HM, the Strong press ability is crucial to your progress in Pokemon Let’s Go. But once again it’s not straightforward knowing where to walk to find it, and returning veterans will find they must do something slightly various to find it than they did 20 years ago.

To find solid Push, you should head under the cycle course to Fuchsia City. From over there you need to speak come the Warden in his house to the right of the Pokemon Centre.

He’s lost his teeth and needs your help to find them. Every you have to do is go come the beach southern of the Pokemon centre in Fuchsia City and also enjoy the cutscene you watch there.

Then once you’ve gained the gold teeth, return them to the Warden and also he’ll reward you not only with a collection of clothes, but the strong Push secret technique as well.

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