He’s one of the ideal friends that Ponyboy Curtis, but his fate is somewhat regrettable. They’re law it because that Johnny, but what specifically happens come Johnny Cade in the novel and the movie adaptation that The Outsiders? here’s what we know about the story the the Greasers and also the Socs, as told through the writer of this adventure book, S.E. Hinton.

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Ralph Macchio, C. Cutting board Howell, and Matt Dillon of ‘The Outsiders’ | Nancy Moran/Sygma via Getty Images

‘The Outsiders’ very first appeared together a book by S.E. Hinton

This novel called the story of two rival gangs in Oklahoma, the Greasers and also the Socs. The narrator the the story is one Greaser, Ponyboy, who is recognized for his facility relationship v his oldest brother, who acts as his Guardian.

Thanks come The Outsiders, fans were introduced to the loveable Johnny Cade, a close friend of Ponyboy Curtis and also another member that the Greaser gang. The Johnny who conserves Ponyboy native a drunk group of Socs, accidentally death one in the process.

Together v Ponyboy, this character runs away native home, discovering his love for Gone v the Wind and also sunsets. While he’s away indigenous the town, however, he gets right into some life-threatening hero occupational with Ponyboy.

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Ralph Macchio portrays Johnny in ‘The Outsiders’ movie

When it comes to the 1983 movie adaptation the The Outsiders, this young Greaser, Johnny Cade, was illustrated by Ralph Macchio, who also appeared in The Karate child and its Netflix spinoff, titled Cobra Kai.

“I review the book when ns was 12 years old in seventh-grade English class. It to be the very first book the I ever finished cover come cover,” the actor said during an interview with Parade. “S.E. Hinton—like J.K. Rowling of today—started a many young kids reading in school. Ns was immediately associated to it.”

Macchio starred alongside various other A-List actors of your time, consisting of Rob Lowe (as Sodapop “Soda” Curtis,) Patrick Swayze (as Darrel “Darry” Curtis,) and also Tom Cruise (as Steve Randle.) Dallas Winston, among Johnny’s the next friends, was portrayed by Matt Dillon.

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‘Do it because that Johnny, man’

After conserving some children from a burning building, Dallas and Ponyboy continual some injuries. Both in the novel and also in the movie, however, the personality Johnny withstood the worst burns. He fought for his life however eventually passed away in the hospital. The other Greasers didn’t take the news well.

“Let’s perform it because that Johnny, man,” Dallas decided, grabbing at his knife. “We’ll perform it because that Johnny.”

The rumble walk on with or there is no Johnny. Back the Greasers arised victorious, that wasn’t sufficient for Dallas. The character snap at the assumed of a life without Johnny and pulled part stunts at a convenience store.

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As a result, he got himself shooting by the police. Life went on for these teenagers, though, and it’s Ponyboy who writes around his suffer for school, eventually forming a good relationship v his eldest brother.