Who was writing the letters?
They were written by Robert Walton.

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To whom to be the letter written?They were created to the writer’s sister
Where is the writer, and why is he there?He is in the Arctic, trying out unknown regions
How walk Elizabeth pertained to live with the Frankensteins?Victor mother asked the peasants she lived through for permission come raise her
Victor Frankenstein and Henry Clerval had been friends due to the fact that childhood.True
What herbal phenomena influenced Frankenstein?It to be lightning.
What two major events happened to Frankenstein once he was seventeen?His mommy died and he visited the university at Inglostadt to study
Frankenstein want to shot to develop life in a test tube.False
How walk Frankenstein feel as soon as his experiment succeeded, and the creature involved life?He to be horrified and disgusted.
What form of condition afflicted Frankenstein the day after he completed his creation?He ended up being ill v a fever and delirium for several months.
Who took care of Frankenstein during his illness?Henry Clerval did.
From whom was the letter the Clerval gave Frankenstein once he had recovered?It to be from Elizabeth.
Frankenstein got news the his brothers Ernest had actually been murdered.False
Frankenstein was torn between wanting to conserve the accused and also not wanting to expose his horrible mystery to anyone.True
What happened to the accused person?The accused human being confessed under pressure, and also was convicted and hanged.
What was Frankenstein’s state of psychic after the trial and also its conclusion?He was filled with remorse for all he had done.
Where walk Frankenstein walk to seek relief?He travel to the Apine valley and the village of Chamounix.
What go the creature desire of Frankenstein?He want Frankenstein to hear to the account of his life so far
At first, the biology felt confused due to the fact that of every one of the brand-new sensations of life.True
The villagers the biology encountered to be awed and worshiped the creature together a god.False
Where go the biology take shelter?He continued to be in a lean-to attached to a cottage
How walk the creature discover to speak and to read?He observed and also listened come the cottagers.
The elder De Lacey was blind, and therefore might not see just how hideous the creature looked. He invite the creature in and agreed to listen to his story.True
What to be the reaction of the remainder of the De Lacey household when they witnessed the creature?Agatha fainted, Safie fled, and Felix fight him through a stick until he left the cottage
When the creature found that the De Laceys had moved the end of the cottage, he moved in.False
Whom did the creature save?He conserved a girl from drowning.
Why go the biology seize the small boy, william Frankenstein?He want to educate him to become a companion.
What did the creature carry out to the boy?He strangled the boy.
The biology was delighted the he was able to create despair for his creator.True
Why did the creature placed the locket in Justine’s pocket?He intended the she should take the blame because that the murder.
The creature asked Frankenstein come teach him exactly how to create an additional life.False
At very first Frankenstein refused, yet as the creature ongoing his argument, Frankenstein feel compassion because that him, and also finally agreed to the creature’s request.True
What hazard did the creature make when Frankenstein backed out on your agreement?He said, “I will certainly be through you on her wedding night.”
What taken place to Frankenstein once he landed his boat?He was accused the murder.
At the trial, Frankenstein was uncovered innocent by factor of insanity.False
What occurred on Frankenstein and also Elizabeth’s wedding night?The creature broke into the room and also killed Elizabeth.
Frankenstein’s father went insane with grief and also had to it is in institutionalized.False
The magistrate believed Frankenstein’s story, however said that he didn’t think he and also his males would be successful in recording the creature.True
What did Frankenstein execute after he left the magistrate?He decided to pursue the creature and kill him
What inquiry did Frankenstein make of Robert Walton?He request Walton to destroy the biology if he ever before had the opportunity
The creature strangled Victor Frankenstein.

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What occurred to the creature?He floated away into the darkness top top an ice cream raft.