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What is classification?
the group of living things by their similar characteristics (traits)
What are the 7 taxons (levels) of classification from largest, most basic group to smallest, most details group?kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and also species
In binomial nomenclature, what 2 taxons make up the scientific name because that an organism?genus and species
Which taxon is always written first in a scientific name?genus
Which taxon is always capitalized when writing a scientific name?genus
Which taxon is written second in a clinical name?species
Which taxon always begins with a lower instance letter in a clinical name?species
What is taxonomy?the science of classification; the scientific research of grouping organisms by similar traits
What is nomenclature?the science of specify name living and nonliving things
Which scientist is provided credit for the modern system of naming and classifying organisms?Carolus Linnaeus
What is binomial nomenclature?the system, occurred by Linnaeus, in i m sorry every living thing is offered a two-part clinical name
What is the term for a level that classification?taxon
What is a species?a group of organisms that deserve to interbreed (mate) and produce abundant offspring
What are offspring?the young (babies) that result when an organism reproduces
What is the major language of naming and also classifying organisms?Latin
Upon what did Linnaeus base his category system?structural similarities
What is the relationship in between organisms who share plenty of of the same taxons?The more closely connected these biology are and the much more likely they progressed from a typical ancestor.

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What room the four criteria for placing organisms into the exact same kingdom?(1) cell framework (2) exactly how the organism obtains energy (3) type of movement (4) form of reproduction
A taxonomic key is a method of identify organisms based upon ___.physical characteristics
Which technique of identifying biology is designed come be offered in the "field," or area where an organism normally lives in the wild?field guide
Which method of identifying organisms groups them according to standard classification criteria that have actually been arranged in a paired collection of numbered steps?taxonomic key
Which technique of identifying organisms is a publication that includes pictures and also descriptions of every of the organisms provided in the book?field guide
Which technique of identifying organisms regularly groups lock by color, size, geographical location, and/or behavior?field guide
Which an approach of identifying organisms frequently refers to the organism by its scientific name?taxonomic key
Which method of identifying organisms contains maps showing where one organism deserve to be discovered during different seasons the the year?field guide
Which method of identifying organisms shows the evolution relationship between organisms (to recognize if the organisms being figured out by the combine statements share a typical ancestor)?taxonomic key
What is the clinical term for a taxonomic key?dichotomous key
What does words dichotomous accurate mean?in 2 parts
When reading a taxonomic key, where perform you start with each brand-new organism?Always start with the very first paired collection of statements, typically written together 1a and 1b.
Once an biology or object has actually been established using a taxonomic key, can its name be used again for other organisms or objects the relate come the same taxonomic key?no
What is the scientific name because that man?Homo sapiens
What go the scientific name for male literally mean?wise man
What does the term binomial nomenclature literally mean?two-name naming
To what course of organisms does man belong?the mammal class (Class Mammalia)
Which category level has organisms that room the most carefully related?species
Which classification level consists of organisms that space the the very least related?kingdom
Canis latrans and also Canis lupus belong come the exact same ___, but different ___.genus / species
The scientific name because that the polar be afflicted with is Ursus maritimus. To what types does the polar be afflicted with belong?maritimus
Two biology that are in the very same order will additionally belong come the same ___.

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kingdom, phylum, and also class
True or False - The smaller sized the taxonomic group, the much more closely associated the biology belonging to the group.True
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