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Step-by-step explanation:


9514 1404 393

(c) (6x^4 – 4)(36x^8 + 24x^4 + 16)

Step-by-step explanation:

The correct factoring can be found by looking at the first exponent in the 2nd set of parentheses.

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The administer of ...

(a^3 -b^3)

is ...

(a -b)(a^2 +ab +b^2)


Here, you have actually a=6x^4 and also b=4, so the very first term in the second parentheses is ...

a^2 = (6x^4)^2 = 6^2·x^(4·2) = 36x^8 . . . . Matches the 3rd choice

i don"t have actually the prize rn but go to mathematics papa. It reflects the steps and also the answer. Expect this : )

step-by-step explanation:

option c) graph of line going v 1, 4 and 3, 10

step-by-step explanation:

let y equal to margo"s coin collection

let x equal to number of years

at the begining x=0, y=1 → point=(x,y)→point=(0,1)

she adds 3 coins every year, climate y=1+3x

at x=1, y=1+3(1)=1+3→y=4→point=(x,y)→point=(1,4)

at x=3, y=1+3(3)=1+9→y=10→point=(x,y)→point=(3,10)

the graph of line going v (1, 4) and (3, 10), then the choice c is the correct.



Which statement many accurately explain why the division property of exponents does not use to the expression (-8)^2/(-3)^4
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