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Heartwood vs Sapwood(Similarities and also Differences )

Anatomically, wood is the second xylem the seed-plants. As the tree ages, certain permanent alters take location in the wood. The inner components of the wood become darker. The xylem in this central part is referred to as heartwood or ‘duramen’. The peripheral part of the hardwood is light coloured and it is referred to as sapwood or ‘alburnum’. The sap conduction occurs v the sapwood.

The dark colour of heartwood is as result of the build-up many aromatic substances, pigments and also tannins. These changes make the wood much more strong and also durable and resistant to decay by insect or fungal attacks. The inside heartwood offers the mechanically support. The present article discusses the similarities and differences in between heartwood and soft wood with a compare table.

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Similarities in between Heartwood and Sapwood

Ø  Both space composed of second xylem created after plenty of years of secondary growth.Ø Both are acquired from the vascular cambium.Ø Both can administer mechanical support.


(image source: cc Wikipedia)

Difference in between Heartwood and also Sapwood

Sl. No.HeartwoodSapwood
1Heartwood occurs in the central portion of an old stem.Sapwood occurs in the peripheral (outer) part of one old stem.
2Cells are comparatively older.Cells space comparatively younger.
3Also dubbed as ‘Duramen’Also called as ‘Alburnum’
4Heartwood is dark coluredSapwood is light coloured.
5It is the dead and also nonfunctional part of the second xylem.It is the living and functional component of the an additional xylem.
6The lumens the vessels and also tracheids room plugged because of tyloses formation.Vessel and tracheid space not plugged. No tyloses formation.
7Cells store countless ergastic substances such as resins and also tannins.Cells perform not store any ergastic substances.
8Cells store many ergastic substances such as resins and tannins.Heartwood is heavier.Sapwood is irradiate in weight.
9Heartwood is the resilient wood.Sapwood is no a resilient wood.
10Heartwood is an ideal for make furnitureSapwood is not an ideal for make furniture.

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11Wood is resistant come insect and also fungal attacksWood is susceptible to insect and fungal attacks.