Desert or Dessert?

What is the difference between "desert" and "dessert"?"Desert" means "arid land" or "to abandon." for example: The camels room crossing the desert. Don"t desert me! "Dessert" is the sweet course at the end of a meal. Because that example: I"ll have apple pie and also custard for dessert.

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How To express "Desert" and "Dessert"

The confusion over "desert" and also "dessert" is understandable due to the fact that when "desert" way "to abandon," the is pronounced like "dessert." when "desert" way "arid land," it is not pronounced like "dessert."
"to desert" and also "dessert"
"desert" (arid land)

More about "Desert" and also "Dessert"

The native "desert" and "dessert" look at similar, but they have really different meanings.


The native "desert" can be an adjective,noun, or verb.It has actually the complying with meanings:Arid floor with small or no vegetation
The Sahara Desert The plants and also animals own special functions which allow them come cope v the desert conditions. ("Desert" is an adjective in this example.) An ice cream desert is defined as a polar area the supports little or no vegetation and also that is permanently extended by snow and also ice. ("Desert" is a noun in this example.)To abandon or come defect or to leaving in the lurch
. If disturbed as well often, the adult birds will desert the fledglings. If you desert, you will be shot when you"re caught. ("Desert" is a verb in this examples.)To leaving behind. As quickly as the bell went, the children deserted the building. ("Desert" is a verb in this example.)


A "dessert" is typically the final course of a meal. It is normally sweet (e.g., ice cream cream, cake, pudding). Would you prefer to view the dessert menu?
An instance of a dessert
Ways come Remember "Desert" and "Dessert
Dessert is double as great as desert. Desert = Sahara Dessert = Strawberry shortcake."Stressed" is "Desserts" BackwardsWhen you"re stressed, you eat cake, chocolate, and also sweets since "stressed" is "desserts" backwards.More around "Stressed" and also "Desserts"
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