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sulfide, likewise spelled sulphide, any kind of of three classes of chemical compounds include the element sulfur. The 3 classes that sulfides incorporate inorganic sulfides, essential sulfides (sometimes referred to as thioethers), and also phosphine sulfides. Inorganic sulfides are ionic compounds containing the negatively fee sulfide ion, S2−; these compounds may be pertained to as salts of the very weak mountain hydrogen sulfide. Essential sulfides room compounds in i beg your pardon a sulfur atom is covalently external inspection to two organic groups. Phosphine sulfides are formed from the reaction of organic phosphines with sulfur, in i beg your pardon the sulfur atom is connected to the phosphorus through a bond that has both covalent and also ionic properties.

Sulfides of numerous important metallic facets are naturally developing minerals. Because that example, pyrite, i m sorry is additionally called fool’s yellow owing to its brassy yellow colour, is a sulfide the iron v the formula FeS2. Pyrite is a significant source that iron and also is among the most abundant that the sulfur minerals. Zinc, cadmium, mercury, copper, silver, and also many other elements occur in nature as sulfides.

Preparation of sulfides

Most metals react directly with sulfur to type metal sulfides—i.e., compounds the contain a steel atom and also the sulfide ion, S2−. In addition to direct mix of the facets as a an approach of prepare sulfides, they can likewise be developed by reduction of a sulfate by carbon or through precipitation from acidic aqueous equipment by hydrogen sulfide, H2S, or from straightforward solution through ammonium sulfide, (NH4)2S. Another method, particularly suitable for water-soluble sulfides, requires bubbling H2S right into a an easy solution that the steel to offer the metal hydrogen sulfide, MHS. A additional equivalent of steel hydroxide added will productivity the metal sulfide.NaOH + H2S → NaHS + H2O NaHS + NaOH → Na2S + H2O

Solubility of sulfides

The alkali metals and also alkaline-earth steels are the only sulfides the have any appreciable water solubility and also that show up to be primarily ionic. In contrast, the sulfides of the copper and zinc family members are some of the least-soluble link known. When water-soluble metal sulfides space heated in aqueous solution with elemental sulfur, solutions of so-called polysulfides room formed. These solutions consist mainly of S42− and S32− anions. Sulfides are an important component that high-density power sources such as lithium and also sodium sulfide batteries. The sulfides that have actually been utilized in these power sources are M2S, M2S2, M2S4, and also M2S5.

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Structure the sulfides

Semimetals (metalloids) and some nonmetallic elements kind sulfides that are molecular or that have actually sulfide bridges in a polymeric structure. For example, silicon disulfide, SiS2, has actually a structure consisting of limitless chains the SiS4 tetrahedrons that share edges. (Each SiS4 tetrahedron is composed of a main silicon atom surrounded by and also bonded to 4 sulfur atoms.) Phosphorus develops a series of molecular sulfides that contains P4S3, P4S4 (two distinct forms), P4S5, P4S7, P4S9, and also P4S10. The frameworks of all these compound are obtained from a P4 tetrahedron in i beg your pardon P―P bond are replaced by P―S―P units. All these phosphorus sulfides are stable in carbon de defiders (CS2), and all react with water to develop phosphoric acid (H3PO4) or various other phosphorus oxyacids.P4S10 + 16H2O → 4H3PO4 + 10H2S The tips of strike-anywhere matches contain P4S3, i m sorry ignites in air as a result of the friction created when the match is rubbed against a turbulent surface. A flame is developed by reaction that the phosphorus sulfide with energetic chemicals in the complement head. P4S10 is supplied in the preparation of commercial lubricant additives.