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Understanding the differences in between mutton, lamb and goat meat and 5 reasons why goat meat is the healthier option.

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Tandoori leg of goat meat

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It is important to understand the differences in between mutton, lamb and also goat, to be able to select in between them because that flavour, preparation, and also their differing nutritional values.

Goat Meat

Goat meat is delighted in by plenty of throughout the world from Asia to Africa, south America, parts of Europe, and also is increasing in popularity in the UK and also America.

It is a red meat, v a fine-grained flesh and ranges in color from irradiate pink come bright red. The tender cuts have a sweet however only slightly gamey flavour.

Goat meat approximately the world

Goat meat is other of a delicacy in France, Italy and also Spain, and it is also an extremely popular in the main and south Americas whereby it is usually slow roasted.

In Asia, Africa and the Caribbean it is frequently prepared in the form of stews or curries.

In India so-called ‘mutton’ dishes room usually made through goat meat.

In fact, countless South asian countries, like using goat meat end lamb as it is leaner and also tastes much less gamey.

In the UK, goats are largely bred for your milk so their meat is not commonly sold in supermarkets, but can be discovered in specialist butcher shops or some farmers markets.

Skewers the Mutton, Lamb & Goat Meat

Varieties that goat meat

Goats bred for your meat are usually castrated as soon as they are around six to nine months old. After castration castle are well-known as wethers. Most are slaughtered once they room under a year for a tender, juicy meat with fragile flavour.

Meat native an un-castrated goat tends to be tougher, v a rather strong ‘goaty’ smell and also flavour.

5 reasons goat meat is healthier

low in calorieslow in saturated fatslow amounts of cholesterolhigh in ironfree from growth hormones

Goat meat is lower in calories, saturated fats, and cholesterol than beef, pork, lamb and also chicken.

It also contains a higher amount of iron than beef, lamb and pork (see comparison graph below).

While some antibiotics can be existing in goat meat, hormones space not authorized for expansion promotion in young goats.

This reflects that goat meat is a leaner and healthier option, contrasted to equal servings the chicken, lamb, beef or pork.

How to cook goat meat

Goat is a surprisingly lean meat with tiny fat or marbling, therefore high temperatures will make that tough.

Less soft cuts are far better suited come long, covered, slow cooking or roasting over low temperatures v a small amount the liquid, to maintain the moisture and breakdown the collagen in the meat.

The tender cuts from kid meat deserve to be provided in location of lamb in recipes. Lock are also suitable for marinating or tenderizing prior to grilling or barbecuing.


Lamb meat

Most sheep meat offered in the UK and also US is lamb, due to the fact that mutton is not as popular.

Varieties that lamb meat

A sheep in its an initial year is a lamb. New lamb meat varies in colour from irradiate pink come a pale red. Normally the darker the the shade of pink, the enlarge the animal.

Spring lambs, are milk-fed lambs. They room born in the winter and sold in spring (around Easter). Infant lamb meat will certainly be pale pink, while consistent lamb is a darker pinkish-red. The flavour and also texture that this lamb is the mildest and most tender, therefore fetching higher prices 보다 that of cuts of enlarge lamb or mutton.

How to cook lamb meat

Lamb is an ext fatty 보다 goat meat. The fat tastes much more gamey than the meat, so if you room not to crawl on the flavour, trim turn off as lot fat together you can and drain away the excess when cooking.

Some cuts of lamb have much more marbling 보다 others. One of the fattiest cut is the shoulder which renders it best for slow-roasting.

Lamb is best seared at high temperatures and then slow-cooked, or grilled/braised, barbecued or roasted.

Lamb chops room an expensive reduced with some fat. Castle are finest suited come barbecuing or grilling top top a high warmth till they are brown top top the outside and slightly pink inside.

Leg of lamb is probably the leanest cut and therefore the least ‘gamey’. That is good for sluggish roasting, taking treatment not to let it become too dry.

Mutton meat

The meat of an adult sheep is mutton. The adult lamb is commonly slaughtered when it is approximately two to 3 years old.

Varieties of mutton

Mutton has actually a deep red colour and also is fattier 보다 lamb. The is also tougher and also the flavour is stronger and more gamey. This is since it consists of a greater concentration of fatty acids which intensify as the pet becomes older.

The flavour often tends to appeal more to those who favor stronger tasting meats such as deer, wild boar and also rabbit.

Mutton is now considered a contempt old fashioned meat together lamb and goat meat are an ext commonly consumed.

How to chef mutton

As Mutton is a tougher and also fattier meat that is finest slow-cooked, or stewed come soften and break down the connective tissue.

It is additionally a more powerful tasting meat, therefore it works well in sausages or various other dishes where strong spices/flavours are used.

Red meat recipes come try

Goat meat is no easily accessible in the UK but these recipes v lamb meat deserve to be made making use of mutton or goat meat.

How to store red meat

The USDA claims that for ideal quality, floor or cubed meat must be stored in ~ 4℃/40℉ or listed below in the fridge and also used within 2 days of purchase, and also larger cut within 3-5 days.

Red meat cut will stay safe because that years as soon as wrapped properly and also stored in the freezer at -18℃/0℉ or below.

Read an ext about exactly how to keep meat & poultry and also colour changes.

Comparison graph of cooking meats

The Nutritional values listed below are because that 100 g that roasted meats:

Per 100g of meatGoatLambPorkBeefVealChicken
Calories (kcal)143258211187150223
Protein (g)27.125.5529.4127.4228.0723.97
Total fat (g)3.0316.489.447.723.3913.39
Saturated fat (g)0.936.893.302.7731.223.74
Iron (mg)3.731.981.122.240.901.26
Cholesterol (mg)7593947910376

From U.S. Department of Agriculture, farming Research Service. 2013. USDA national Nutrient Database for conventional Reference, release 26. Nutrient Data Laboratory

Find more useful tips because that the home cook such as just how to chef meats to the correct temperature and also why it’s best to no overcrowd the pan.

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