August Alsina is a famed singer and songwriter that hails from New Orleans, United States. August Alsina’s music is of the Alternative R&B category that mainly contains a mix with hip-hop. Also, Alsina has brought plenty of mixtapes including “Untitled” in the year 2011 and also “The Product 2” of the year 2013.

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The talented singer was born on third September 1992, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. As of now, his age have to be twenty-eight years old and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. Likewise, the singer is an American citizen and also follows the Christian faith. August’s full name is August Anthony Alsina Jr. As for education, August Alsina saw a middle institution located in New Orleans. More indevelopment around his education is still lacking. Coming to his family, August was born in a household that does not have actually any connect through music. However, his inspirations inspired him to sing and acquire into the music area by Lauryn Hill in the Amerideserve to musical movie “Sister Act 2”.

His father and stepfather were taking care of the crack cocaine addiction which made August Alsina’s childhood worst and complete of battles. So, the singer’s mom transformed him to Houston, Texas in order to begin a brand-new life after Hurricane Katrina in the year 2005. Unfortunately, then his father passes away. August then began having some disputes with his mom and was also “kicked out”. Also, on 31st August 2010, his older brvarious other, Melvin La’Branch III, was shot which brought about his death. After that, the singer became even more significant about his music and also visited Atlanta in the year 2011.


Caption: August Alsina as soon as he was young (Source: Pinterest)

It remained in April 2012 when the singer’s first mixtape, “The Product” was out. Even though his other mixtape “Untitled” via 6 acoustic covers was out initially in October 2011, it is not recognized as his first mixtape. Then, August’s single “I Luv This Shit” was out in January 2013 which additionally presented Trinidad James. In May 2013, he came up with another mixtape “The Product 2”. Similarly, his EP “Downtown: Life Under the Gun” was out on 20th August 2013, through a visual for “Hell on Earth” which was out in the following month.

On ninth December 2013, his third single from his EP “Downtown: Life Under the Gun” which is “Ghetto” presenting Rich Homie Quan, was given to the city contemporary radio. On 12th December 2013, it came to be the the majority of added song on urban radio the week finishing. The singer then came up through “Make It Home” on 14th January 2014 which was also presenting Jeezy, as the primary single from his first studio album. With Each Other via that, it was declared that the album’s title would certainly be “Testimony” and also was out on 1fifth April 2014. Then, August ended up being component of the XXL freshmen course of 2014.

August then came up via his second studio album, “This Thing Called Life” on 11th December 2015. The album contains 5 singles. They are “Dreamer”, “Been Around the World”, “Song Cry”, “Hip Hop”, and likewise “Why I Do It”. Also, the singer had been serving on his third studio album from the year 2017. Then, the singer brought the singles “Drugs” on January 6, 2017. Similarly, on first June 2017, “Lonely” was out, and on sixth June 2017, “Don’t Matter” was out for the same album. On 2sixth June 2020, the album “The Product III: State of Emergency” was out.


Caption: August Alsina performing on the stage (Source: Sites at Penn State)

His Health

In the year 2017, August Alsina claimed that he was experiencing from a major autoimmune illness. The illness was attacking August’s liver. In truth, the disease has actually also resulted in various crashes adding a collapse on phase in the year 2014. On 8th July 2019, the singer told fans about his last health streatment. In a video clip which he uploaded on Instagram, August disputed that he remained in the hospital after experiencing a absence of stamina. He told, “We’re doing a bunch of tests and they’re saying I have some nerve damages going on throughout my body”.

Net Worth

The singer obviously has actually an extremely exceptional net worth which August has actually been earning from his singing career. August’s net worth is roughly $4 million as of 2021. As of currently, the artist is living a good and lavishing life alone after he has actually experienced miscellaneous troubles in his previously days. In addition, the singer likewise gets some money from the collaborations, phase performances, and also sponsors also.

Relationship condition and rumors

On 30th June 2020, August Alsina declared that he was provided permission from Will Smith to have actually a romantic connection with his wife. The name of Will Smith’s wife is Jada Pinkett Smith. The following day, a speaker for Pinkett Smith came up via a statement around the claims, stating them to be “absolutely not true”. But on 10th July, in an episode of her display “Red Table Talk”, in addition to Will Smith, Jada claimed that she was having a romantic relationship through August Alsina for 4 and also a fifty percent years earlier, once she and Will were already separated. In addition, she also told that she “got right into a various kind of entanglement via August”.

However, Jada and also Will were not agreeing via the statement that Will offered the singer permission for being in a romantic partnership via Jada. They also told that August “would certainly perceive it as permission because we, her and also Will were separated amicably”. Pinkett Smith then told that she wanted to “heal” August, however at first, she had actually to uncover “heal” for herself. After that, Jada and also Will acquired together after breaking up via Alsina. She also told that she does not have actually any type of contacts through August after that. Also, After Jada’s word “entanglement” went viral everywhere the Net, August came up through “Entanglements” in participation with rapper Rick Ross on 19th July 2020. In the video, August Alsina sings “You left your man simply to f— through me and also break his heart”.

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Caption: August Alsina with Jada Pinkett Smith (Source: ELLE)

Body Measurement and Social Media

Talking around the singer’s presence on social media, August Alsina is also active there. As the social media platdevelop has been the the majority of useful accessibility from which most of the civilization have the right to reach to each other and come to be a famous personality. August has actually an Instagram account wright here he currently has actually accomplished 6.4 million followers. He also has actually a Twitter account wright here 1 million human being follow him and desires to watch his eexceptionally update. Likewise, the singer likewise has a Facebook page wbelow he has got 4.5 million followers. A personal YouTube channel is compulsory for eextremely artist to show their abilities and skills to the civilization. On August’s YouTube channel, he has actually acquired 2.46 million followers as of March 2021.