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the angular distance in between an imagine line about a heavenly human body parallel come its equator and also the equator itself

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1851, v Overweg, come visit the kingdom the Adamaoua, to the south of the lake, and from over there he thrust on as much as the town of Yola, a small below nine degrees north latitude. This was the excessive southern limit got to by that daring traveller.

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Ferguson carefully listed the fact, the he had stopped in ~ four degrees north latitude and seventeen levels west longitude.
According come the narrative of the German doctor, Ferdinand Werne, the expedition attempted in 1840, under the auspices the Mehemet Ali, quit at Gondokoro, in between the fourth and fifth parallels of phibìc latitude.
In ancient times, the ambassadors the Nero reached the ninth level of latitude, but in eighteen centuries only from 5 to six degrees, or from 3 hundred to three hundred and sixty geographical miles, were gained.
They next produced the first of the an excellent lakes, the one named Tanganayika, situated in between the third and eighth levels of southern latitude. They reached it top top the 14th the February,
There Burton, that was fully worn out, place ill for numerous months, throughout which time Speke make a press to the northward of more than 3 hundred miles, walk as much as Lake Okeracua, which he come in sight of top top the 3d the August; yet he might descry only the opened of it at latitude two degrees thirty minutes.
Ferguson very closely remarked the they had actually not gone past the second degree of southern latitude, nor the twenty-ninth of eastern longitude.
It was, therefore, just those sections of Texas and Florida which to be situated below this parallel which came within the prescribed problems of latitude.
Two months previously we must have had actually perpetual daylight in this latitudes; but currently we had actually had 3 or 4 hours that night, and also by and also by there would certainly be 6 months the darkness in these circumpolar regions.
A vessel there is no sails, with electricity for its motive power, and wanting no coal, could alone brave such high latitudes. At length, on the 18th that March, after plenty of useless assaults, the Nautilus to be positively blocked.
But I carry out not doubt the some temperate productions entered and crossed even the lowlands that the tropics at the duration when the cold was many intense,--when arctic develops had migrated some twenty-five degrees of latitude native their indigenous country and also covered the land in ~ the foot the the Pyrenees.
Watson has recently remarked, "In receding from polar towards equatorial latitudes, the Alpine or mountain floras really come to be less and also less arctic." plenty of of the develops living on the mountains of the warmer areas of the earth and also in the southern hemisphere are of skeptical value, being ranked by part naturalists as especially distinct, through others as varieties; however some are definitely identical, and many, though closely related to northern forms, should be ranked as unique species.
As the warmth returned, this temperate forms would normally ascend the higher mountains, being exterminated on the lowlands; those which had actually not got to the equator, would certainly re-migrate northward or southward in the direction of their previous homes; yet the forms, chiefly northern, which had crossed the equator, would take trip still more from their residences into the more temperate latitudes of the contrary hemisphere.
She said: "I have actually been coming to latitude for nine year now, and the sheep are really well cared for, and always look as content as lamb can.

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People kick turn off after lamb at Latitude Festival are painted bright pink; Latitude Festival in Suffolk post a video of sheep, which had actually been painted bright pink, at the event

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