The beam or bar of a lever.

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axleA shaft on i beg your pardon a wheel revolves.
driven gearThe equipment receiving the force.
driving gearThe equipment transmitting the force.
effortThe pressure needed to move a load.
forceA press or traction on one object; measure in newtons.
frictionA pressure that resists movement whenever the surface of two objects rub against each other.
fulcrumThe pivot point on a lever.
gearA wheel with teeth.
gear ratioThe ratio of the variety of rotations of the driving equipment to the moved gear.
inclined planeA simple machine consisting the a level surface that is slanted.
jouleA measurement for a unit that work.
leverA simple machine consisting of a strictly bar the is free to pivot top top a fulcrum.
loadAn object the requires force to be moved over a distance.
lubricantA substance provided to mitigate friction.
machineA mechanical device that helps world do job-related with less force.
mechanical advantageThe benefit created by using machine that permits people to do occupational while using much less force.
mobileAn assembly that delicately well balanced levers rely from above by a thread.
newtonThe global unit that force.
pulleyA simple machine that is a wheel with a grooved pickled in salt in i m sorry a rope have the right to run to adjust the direction the the pressure that lifts a load.
rampAn skinny plane.
screwA simple an equipment consisting of an inclined airplane wrapped about a cylinder.
simple machineA maker that requires only the force of a human to execute work. Over there are 6 types.
threadThe inclined aircraft that is covering around and also protrudes from the shaft of a screw.
tractionThe quantity of friction in between two surface that permits one surface to travel across another.
wedgeA simple machine that is composed of 2 or more inclined airplane positioned to form a slim edge.
wheelA disk that turns approximately an axis.
workThe result of a force moving an item over a distance.
distanceHow far something moves.
inertiaThe propensity of a relocating object to continue to be in motion or a relaxing object to remain resting.
energyThe capacity to do work.
potential energyStored energy.
kinetic energyEnergy of motion.

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wheel & axleA simple maker that consists of a big wheel resolved to a smaller wheel or shaft called an axle.