A i cry of quail is referred to as a covey, a female is called a hen, and also a masculine is dubbed a roo or a cock

Can’t get sufficient of her chickens, geese, guineas, and also ducks? Or don’t have the space to keep any kind of of those birds? Well, i invite friend to consider the Coturnix quail.

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The Coturnix quail (also recognized as the Japanese quail) is just one of the more common non-poultry birds maintained by farmers. The Coturnix has had a significant role in humans’ lives due to the fact that at least the 12th century, and also may it is in a fun addition to your flock.

Unlike chickens, which have the right to take as lengthy as six months to begin laying, quail can begin to place as beforehand as six weeks the age. Among my very first females, Skeeter, started laying at six weeks one day and has steadily developed an egg a job since.

This fast-laying nature and also the fairly calm disposition the the quail coupled v its tiny need because that space, do it ideal for increasing in an city environment. Plus, they produce more eggs per amount of feeding than any chicken.

A quail’s tiny eggs are rich and also delicious and also considered a delicacy in plenty of parts that the world. Indeed, among the wives the Henry VIII, mrs Seymour, was recognized for her cravings for quail eggs.

Because I’m not lot of a chef, mine quail egg see an ext air-time hardboiled in salads or for bite-sized deviled eggs because that parties (as good as conversation pieces as they are treats). These pictures are the Skeeter’s egg (still rather small) matched against some white, store-bought chicken eggs.


Quail are also a good urban addition, because it’s basic to conveniently determine your sex, i m sorry is especially useful if girlfriend want abundant eggs come hatch, or if you desire as plenty of layers (females) as possible.

And when chicken roosters are taken into consideration a nuisance (and you may be fined for keeping them) quail roos are much calmer and, external of part coloring sports (and a entirely charming “call”) are relatively similar come the females.


I took these picture of one of my roos and also one that my hen to show the differences in coloration in between the male and also the female quail, the females gift the birds on either finish in the photos over (Left image, left quail: female), (right image, ideal quail: female). Females have spotted, light-colored breasts, if the male’s breast lacks spots (for the many part) and also has a rusty color, comparable to a robin. The males likewise have a darker, rusty coloration to their face, around the eyes.

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Need an ext convincing? below is what part readers have to say around their experiences increasing Coturnix quail:

JoAnnette:During the 1970s I raised Coturnix quail and now again, I have 5 hens. As well as the truth that they surprised me v their capability to lay endlessly, day in and also day out, ns am surprised that I can put them in a kennel and haul them anywhere the landscape (I have actually no one to feed and water them in ~ home) in my truck and also they place just and they perform at home. Ns can’t imagine how countless hundreds of miles they have traveled with me! Normally, I save them in a quite cage in mine shed, however when our weather below in Colorado’s high country got down to 28 below, I placed them ago in the dog kennel and kept lock in the kitchen. I always use cedar lumber chips top top the bottom and that keeps the smell down. They it seems ~ to it is in happy with almost any arrangement. Four of my hens room white, one is the brown favor the above quail. I could write an ext about mine adventures through Coturnix, but don’t have room. And, yes, that course, ns eat the eggs!

Flame:I raise duck so I have the right to compare those to chicken eggs. To be honest there is not much of a taste difference yet the yolks room a much much more intense color and the egg are vast compared to x huge chicken eggs. I notice the biggest difference in baking as the batter often tends to it is in ‘plushy’ and pumpkin rolls and also cakes come out really moist. A friend of mine may be supplying me with pheasants and quail this Spring as her hubby is a neighborhood science teacher and he is always looking for someone to take it the class projects in ~ the end of the year.

Alex:Oh, Bobwhite are undoubtedly wild. Coturnix room not at all wild uneven you terrify them somehow! I had several generations the them, and if you hatch them yourself, they come to be the most endearing pets. Would never again store Bobwhites, yet would save Coturnix this particular day if I had actually the room!