i"m gonna be cleaning my computer today while i install my new drives and that contains reapplying thermal paste. Ns didn"t desire to purchase a brand-new bottle of isopropyl so i asked my girlfriend if i might use his. He showed me his bottle of isopropil is expired? it expired on june 2018 and also i to be wondering if the stops me from using it come clean the thermal dough safely. It"s 92% isopropyl.

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MattTheMayor The alcohol contents may have actually dropped a small (maybe it"s 90% now due to evaporation), but it must still occupational as a cleaning solvent.


Nail polishing remover generally isn"t isopropyl, it"s acetone. DO NOT use ACETONE ON computer PARTS. The eats a lot of plastics, especially acrylics.

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