The devices he is using and also the products that have helped him enhance his game and also get earlier in the winner’s circle room really beginning to fly turn off the shelves.

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Phil has always been a famous player, but he is now coming to be one the the most popular players ever.

If you prefer Phil, enjoy his style, and wonder what those golf shoes are that the is wearing, we have all the answers friend need.

You might be surprised that he is no using much more of the typical golf brand-name shoes.

What sort Of Golf shoes Does Phil Mickelson Wear?


(Photo through Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire)

Phil Mickelson offers the Gallivanter golf shoes from G/Fore golf.

G/Fore is a brand the some people may not have heard of, however they have actually a very great selection that golf shoes and many of castle come at fair prices.

Potentially much more important 보다 the pricing is the truth that these shoes are capable of helping golfers in every weather and course conditions.

If you space looking for much more comfort in her feet and you desire to ensure that your pair of shoes don’t hold you ago from scoring ~ above the golf course, these would certainly be a an excellent choice.

The G/Fore brand is largely an accessory company.

Golfers deserve to get every little thing from shoes and gloves to shirts and hats and more.

The truth that Phil uncovered these shoes to it is in the best fit for his game has certainly helped the agency to an increase its sales and also get some extra followers.

Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look into the G/Fore Gallivanter shoes that Phil Mickelson wears.

Features and Benefits of The Gallivanter Golf Shoe


The Gallivanter golf shoes is an athletic fit, however it has all the features of a premium golf shoe.

Each of these functions is good enough to host up come the conditions and level of information that a expert golfer will require.

1. Waterproof Technology

One the the points that renders this premium golf shoe a much better choice because that a professional or significant player is the waterproof animal leather technology.

If you are going to wear a shoes in a rainstorm or while walking around in wet turf, that is necessary to ensure that no water is seeping through right into your shoe.

Professionals prefer Phil Mickelson must play in any type of condition, therefore they require shoes the will host up during this time.

2. Traction

The Gallivanter shoes are made to aid even the players v the fastest golf swings to acquire the grip and traction the they require on the course.

The mix of a lightweight sole with the bespoke total is going to assist eliminate any type of twisting and also sliding that may have developed with other golf shoes.

For golfers with an extremely fast totter speeds, this have the right to mean much less trouble through missed shots and also poor results.

You can acquire a good deal much more consistency v a golf shoe prefer this.

3. Cushion

The Gallivanter golf shoes is additionally designed to it is in comfortable.

When you walk a golf course, over there are more than five miles of turf to cover.

If you have actually a shoe the is no comfortable, you space going to experience foot, leg, and even back pain in ~ the finish of the day.

The triple density foam cushion footbed helps ensure the each step is comfortable and supportive.

The cushion is also anti-microbial to assist keep down any kind of smell that might start come come up.

In addition, that is washable must you must make certain that it it s okay washed every as soon as in a while.

4. Airflow

Staying comfortable in a golf shoes is essential, however it renders sense to ensure the there is part breathability in the shoe together well.

If your golf shoe reasons your foot to get hot and sweat a an excellent deal, you will feel wet and uncomfortable transparent the day.

In addition, the golf shoes will certainly deteriorate an ext quickly and also cause you to must replace them more often.

Luckily, v the lull system an innovation in the Gallivanter, over there is airflow modern technology that makes the shoe an ext breathable and enables you to reap the food without your feet obtaining too hot.

Overall, these golf shoes are a great choice, and also it is no surprising the Phil put on them come play golf.

He is very particular about the equipment and also accessories the he will certainly use, and also he took a great deal that time to take into consideration this G/Fore technology before using it.

What Is G/Fore Golf?


If you have not heard of G/Fore golf, you should more than likely take a look at their product offerings.

Any time a more recent golf company starts to become successful, that is a an excellent thing to view what commodities they have to offer and also whether they could enhance your game.

Golfers often tend to be an extremely brand loyal, which is a good thing for the huge companies, but it additionally makes sense to watch what else is out there.

One the the points that make G/Fore stand out is the they are really serious around testing their assets on the golf course.

They have an entire team of developers and technology experts come ensure the new options lugged to the sector are going come be effective and an excellent sellers.

The first product that G/Fore brought to the sector was a colored glove.

This was really well received, and people realized that the material and also the layout were exactly what they were looking for.

As G/Fore start to take off, they chose that it to be worth pass in an ext options because that golfers.

The brand supports both men and also women players, and also some the the more popular product categories room footwear, apparel, and accessories.

Although friend won’t gain your golf equipment from G/Fore, when it concerns the accessories and all the items that golfers have to make a job on the course much better, this is great brand to consider.

Overall, the products readily available by G/Fore tend to appeal to the younger, more modern-day player.

The designs have a classic golf feel with a contemporary twist added to them.

You will gain performance-based technology, yet you will certainly also notification that the look at is going to be ideal for any type of golf course you might wish come play.

One of the points that really makes G/Fore stand out is the design of the golf shoes the they have on the market.

For so numerous years, the variety of golf shoe formats was really limited.

If you have been around the game for part time, you probably remember the saddle golf shoes that players have been making use of for years.

These to be the classic golf style, and also they were basically the only choice for dozens of years.

Today, golf pair of shoes have changed completely, and also they have actually a more unique look come them.

You will certainly no much longer be matching every one of your friends once you head out to play a ring of golf.

Overall, the draft are likewise high functioning and have many of technology, however the great design really provides them stand out.

G/Fore also cares greatly about the women’s golf shoe an innovation and is starting to develop up a very wide product selection for the ladies golfers to choose from.

If you have not yet watched this brand and the options that they have actually for accessories, footwear, and even apparel, it might make sense to take a look.

Do professional Golfers wear The same Shoes together Amateur Golfers?


Golfers choose to understand what the experts are using.

For some amateur players, the roadway to a far better golf video game feels choose it can take place by using few of the same assets that a skilled is using.

Although you room going to have to practice and also put a lot of time in to get good at golf, law so v the ideal equipment is additionally going come make points easier.

This is basically why particular brands prefer TaylorMade placed out irons v the precise specifications the Tiger Woods.

People who wanted to be an ext like Tiger believed this was terrific solution for your game.

For the most part, professionals are going come wear many of the same golf shoes models the the amateurs have accessibility to.

If you are looking at the shoes on the player’s feet together you clock a PGA tourism event, you will most likely see rather a few Under Armour, FootJoy, and also Adidas golf shoes models the are available for friend to purchase as well.

These companies use these methods as a means to advertise and also hope that amateurs will acquisition them as well.

Amateur golfers have actually one significant difference between the pair of shoes they wear and also the shoes that experts wear.

The amateur is not permitted to wear a steel spike golf shoe.

Although metal spikes offered to be the norm, this has due to the fact that changed.

Golf courses and also the USGA realized that these steel spikes to be doing also much damage to the golf courses.

The just option that they had actually was to remove this an option of product from the market.

Today, the is no legal come wear these metal spikes, and also golfers need to choose between soft spikes and a spikeless golf shoe.

The professionals, on the various other hand, space still permitted to wear a spiked golf shoe.

If you ever watch golf on the PGA Tour, it can be difficult to tell that is wearing timeless metal spikes and also who has actually on modern-day golf shoe technology.

However, when they film players go on the pavement come the scorer’s tent, or castle grab them because that an interview in the parking lot, girlfriend can regularly hear the click the shoes make.

The golfers ~ above the PGA Tour have so much swing speed that lock will have to ensure they have the ability to stay an ext connected to the ground.

The metal spikes permit for that extra traction and keep a golfer centered and stable once they play.

It have the right to be challenging for far better amateurs to uncover a shoe that offers as lot traction as a steel spike, but it is not something that you will certainly really have a choice about.


Although Phil makes countless business-type decision when selecting equipment, the is also specific about the brands he functions with and the commodities he represents.

If Phil did no think that these shoes offered good technology, he would not stay them.

With the great play the he has had actually this year, that is no wonder the he is sustaining the G/Fore brand and also all the they have to offer.

Overall, we space impressed through the quality and selection of assets that G/Fore has actually available.

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If you have actually not looked right into these options for her game, it may be time to carry out so.