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a combining form definition “stone,” provided in the formation of compound words: lithography; lithonephrotomy.

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Litho- is a combining form used choose a prefix an interpretation “stone.”

It is used in medicine, particularly in pathology, and in science, specifically in geology. In pathology terms, litho- specifically refers to a calculus, “a stone, or concretion, developed in the gallbladder, kidneys, or various other parts of the body.” the word calculus itself literally means “little stone.”

Lithography, which offers the equivalent form of litho- in brand-new Latin, is occasionally referred to as litho because that short.

Litho- originates from the Greek líthos, an interpretation “stone.”

What room variants of litho-?

When an unified with native or word facets that begin with a vowel, litho- i do not care lith-, together in lithify.

The corresponding kind of litho- combined to the end of native is -lith, together in nephrolith.

Examples that litho-

One example of a clinical term that functions the combining type litho- is lithophyte, “a polyp v a tough or stony structure, such as a coral.” the can likewise refer come “any plant cultivation on the surface ar of rocks.”

As us know, litho- method “stone.” The -phyte section of the word is a combining type that way “plant,” indigenous the Greek phytón. Lithophyte literally equates to “stone plant.”

What room some indigenous that use the combining kind litho-?

What space some other forms that litho- may be commonly confused with?

Not every native that begins with the specific letters lith- is necessarily making use of the combining developing litho- to represent “stone,” such together lithe. Find out the meaning and background of lithe at our entry because that the word.

Break that down!

The combining kind -graphy is provided to define a process or kind of drawing, writing, representing, recording, describing, etc.

With this in mind, what walk the art type lithography prepare its pictures on?

How to usage litho in a sentence

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British interpretations for litho (1 that 2)

/ (ˈlaɪθəʊ) /
noun, adjective, adverb plural -thos
short because that lithography, lithograph, lithographic, or lithographicallySee lithograph (def. 1), lithography

British interpretations for litho (2 of 2)


before a vowel lith-

combining form

Word beginning for litho-

from Latin, native Greek, native lithos stone

Medical meanings for litho


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Mineral concretion; calculus:lithotomy.


iridescentadjective | SEE DEFINITION
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