Symbols room objects, characters, figures, and colorsused to stand for abstract ideas or concepts.

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The Pearl

Because The Pearl is a parable, the meaningof the pearl itself—the novella’s central symbol—is never ever explicitlydefined. Nevertheless, though the nature of the pearl’s symbolismis left to each reader’s interpretation, this symbolism seems toshift end the food of the work. At first, the pearl representsa hit of magnificent providence. Kino’s people have a prophecy abouta an excellent “Pearl That might Be,” a perfect pearl the exists together aperfect possibility. Kino and also Juana’s exploration of the pearl seemsto meet this prophecy, and also it filling them through hope because that Coyotito’sfuture and also for the opportunity of a life complimentary from the shacklesof colonial oppression. The discovery of the pearl seems a happyaccident, one the counterbalances the disastrous accident that Coyotito’sscorpion sting.

Once the town finds out around the pearl, however, theobject begins to do everyone who beholds it, consisting of Kino, greedy. Theneighbors call it “the Pearl of the World,” and also while the title originallyseems to refer to the pearl’s great size and also beauty, it additionally underscoresthe fact that having the pearl brings the exterior world’s destructiveinfluence into Kino’s basic life. Together the dealers begin lowballinghim, Kino end to see the pearl with hopeful delight and insteadfocuses top top its revenue with determined ambition. The pearl’s associationwith great fortune and hope weakens, and also the pearl becomes associatedmore strong with human being plans and desires. Juana and also Juan Tomásbegin to view the pearl together a threat rather than a blessing.

The pearl elicits much more and much more greed ~ above Kino’s part,as he starts to devote all his energies and also possessions to protectingit (recalling the biblical parable of the pearl of great price).It thus concerns symbolize the damaging nature that materialism.The implication is the Kino’s salvation of material wealth isn’tenough to save him from the colonists’ oppression, also though suchwealth is the structure of the colonists’ capitalist system. Infact, Kino’s transition in focus from his spiritual health to hismaterial status seems to represent the colonists’ can be fried triumph.

The method the pearl is portrayed through the course of thenovella winter the transforms that Kino himself undergoes. At first,the pearl is a basic and beautiful object of nature. When it becomesentangled with notions of product value, however, that becomes destructive anddangerous. The pearl is things of organic beauty and goodnessthat draws the end the evil innate in mankind.

The Scorpion

The scorpion the stings Coyotito in thing 1 symbolizesa seemingly arbitrary evil that, because it has nothing to carry out withhuman agency, should come indigenous the gods. Biblically, the scorpiongenerally represents the damage of innocence, and the factthat Coyotito is a infant compounds the Christian symbolism the theevent. Coyotito is touch by evil, and this natural destructionof innocence repeats itself in the novella in the destruction ofKino’s innocence by his ambition and greed and in the destructionof the natives’ traditional, natural way of life by the colonists.

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Kino’s Canoe

A means of making a living—both pearls and also food—that hasbeen passed down for generations, the canoe the Kino provides representshis link to social tradition. This society is deeply spiritual,so it is significant that Kino uses the canoe to discover the pearl,which is detailed by a magnificent power that has nothing to execute withhuman agency. The is also significant that Kino’s possession the thepearl leads directly to the canoe’s destruction, in chapter 5,an event that symbolizes Kino’s devastating decision to rest withhis social heritage due to the fact that he wishes to pursue product gain.