Are you trying to find something different to cook for this Christmas? If so, i would favor to re-superstructure MyTop five Greek holiday Recipes small under one aluminum tent.

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Don’t panic as soon as you hear aluminum tent, as I understand that aluminum is not great for the health, yet the meat is protected since there is parchment record under the foil.

An aluminum tent is placed on optimal in order to cover the baking believe so the meat have the right to be cooking with steam until tender.


I to be sure countless of you may have actually done this a thousands of times but I am sure that there are also many who have actually never tried this an approach or they might be doing that wrong.

There are numerous Greek recipes whereby a “gastra” is needed.

A gastra is a steel round container, i beg your pardon is the baking tin, v a second container, i beg your pardon is a little bit bigger thatcovers the first container together a lid. This container was placed on a low tripod.

They would certainly then roasted the food one of two people in a wood-fired oven or in the fireplace, including charcoal under the baking tin and also on top of the lid.


Modern cooking has changed these gastras with Dutch ovens or also a regular baking believe which you can cover with an aluminum tent.

Mine, although the is a Tupperware plastic one, that is warmth resistant to 200C / 390F.


However, it is not large enough to take it a whole turkey, therefore in this situation I usage the big oven baking tin, where I add the aluminium tent on top.

This way, the food will certainly slowly chef the meat v steam, until tender.

When the meat is cooked, the time is then removed and the meat is baked until it becomes gold brown.

I’ve been using this an approach for years, for this reason I assumed it would certainly be ideal to develop a video and a separate article to connect to, rather of repeating the exact same thing over and also over again.

At the beginning when doing this, I would waste a the majority of aluminum foil by pack it crosswise, to make certain that no steam would escape.

Eventually, mine husband and also I found that this method was much easier and also less aluminum foil is used.

Just cut the foil around 1o cm bigger than your baking believe on each side. Then wrinkles both pieces together twice. This method the foil will certainly not open in the centre.


I’ve offered this an approach to bake Ofton Kleftiko, Agriogourouno sti Gastra (baked wild boar), Galopoula Gemisti (stuffed turkey), Gkioulpassi, Bogana (baked lamb v baby potatoes and also tomatoes), etc.

All this dishes space perfect to make during the holidays, one of two people on Christmas day or on the brand-new Year’s Day:

OftonKleftiko (baked lamb)

Ariogourouno sti Gastra (Wild Boar)

Galopoula Gemisti (Stuffed Turkey)


Lamb Bogana

I hope you will discover something that will make her Christmas dinnera little bit an ext exciting.

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How to make an Aluminum Foil tent for Baking

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: 1 Euro
Are you searching for something various to cook for this Christmas? If so, ns would favor to share MyTop five Greek Christmas Recipes small under an aluminum tent.



Aluminum foil


A knife or a pair of scissorsA baking tin


Cut two huge pieces that aluminum foil, around 62 cm long (My baking believe is 42 x 35 cm).Fold both piece of among the large sides 1/2 an inch (1.2 cm).Repeat once again.Put the meat and also the continuing to be ingredients in the baking tin.Cover it with parchment paper.Place the aluminium time over the parchment paper with the seam dealing with down.Tuck the ends along the sides of the pan so that vapor will no escape.Attention as soon as removing the tent, as you might burn from the steam.


When the meat is cooked, the time is climate removed. Proceed cooking, until the meat turns gold browns.

Did you do this project?

Please leaving a discuss the blog or re-superstructure a photo on Instagram

© Ivy Liacopoulou

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Top five timeless Greek Christmas Recipes cooked under one aluminum tent

Are you searching for something various to chef for this Christmas? ns would like to share mine Top five Greek Christmas Recipes baked under one aluminum tent.

Bogana (Greek Roasted leg of Lamb v Tomatoes)

Bogana is a traditional holiday food from Argolida, v Leg that Lamb, roasted with entirety baby potatoes and tomatoes. What provides it various and an ext delicious from various other roasted lamb is the enhancement of ewe"s and also goat milk butter which offers its exorbitant taste.

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Galopoula Gemisti (Turkey Stuffed with Chicken Giblets and also gravy) – Cypriot Recipe

Galopoula Gemisti (pr. Ghah-loh-POU-lah Gheh-mee-STEE), is the stuffed turkey we used to do in Cyprus.

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Lamb Kleftiko (Ofton)

Lamb kleftiko is a rustic, traditional Greek recipe made with slow-moving cooked lamb, first marinated in garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

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Agriogourouno sti gastra – (Dutch range Roasted Wild Boar)

Agriogourouno sti gastra (pr. Ah-ghree-oh-GHOU-rhou-nho sti GAH-strah), is wild boar, marinated and slowly cooking in a "gastra" i m sorry is a Greek dutch oven.

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You have the right to hover end this image to pin it to your Pinterest board. Also, you re welcome feel totally free to re-superstructure it through your friends and fellow bloggers, using the re-publishing tools.

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* and Kali Orexi,

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Bogana (Greek Roasted foot of Lamb)

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Wednesday 10th of may 2017

Interesting old technique of cooking. I would definitely shot any of this dishes in my dutch oven!


Friday 7th the April 2017

Greek Food is very an excellent and very delicious historically.I love Greek food.


Friday 7th that April 2017

Nice articles.Lot of information about Greek food.Greek food is among my favorite food.


Thursday 2nd of march 2017

Thanks for this distinct recipe gift ~ above Christmas; this will aid me a lot. And inspire to produce something new.

Bernard (Meyer Food Blog)

Monday 20th that February 2017

I"ve been to greece twice and also loved the food there. Was hoping to make part delicious things--I recognize it"s no Christmas, yet I still want the Greek flavor. I"ve uncovered my weekend recipes! Thanks!

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