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Casimiro PT/Shutterstock.comNSFW is an odd, versatile web acronym that’s found its way into internet articles and social media posts. Yet what go NSFW mean, where’d the come from, and also how carry out you usage it? Don’t worry—this article is SFW.

Not for sure for Work

The acronym NSFW stands for “not for sure for work.” When offered correctly, NSFW is a warning that shows a connect to a webpage, video, photo, or audio clip has inappropriate content. Although the word is usually connected with pornography, it’s often used as a warning label for violent, foul, offensive, or also politically fee content.

Despite that is literal definition (not for sure for work), the NSFW acronym is offered to save you indigenous any sort of public embarrassment (or, friend know, native traumatizing her kids). You might see that in the location of a YouTube video, in the header of one email, or before an outgoing connect on a website or news article.


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In part cases, NSFW is used to suggest that a webpage might make you uncomfortable—that’s how large of a native we’re dealing with. In these situations, NSFW is periodically accompanied by a “trigger word” or “TW” label. A video clip that contains detailed images of war, because that example, may be labeling “NSFW TW: War,” or other to that effect.

NSFW Etymology

Avoiding unreasonable content offered to it is in a fairly easy task. Movies lugged an R rating, dirty magazines were significant as such, and also The Maury Show opened with a warning that you must kick any kind of children out of the room ASAP.


But in the period of the internet, anyone can produce content. And also as you’d expect, human being rarely feeling the require to mark their photos, videos, and webpages together inappropriate. (To it is in fair, civilization usually article their “inappropriate” contents in areas where stated content is actually considered appropriate.)

Yiorgos GR/

From this angle, NSFW looks choose a modern incarnation that “This show includes scenes that might offend some viewers.” and also while that might be just how it’s used now, the word actually came around as a solution to a very details problem.

As report by VICE, words NSFW extends native the culture of the’s forum. Back in 1998, a woman came on the forum to complain that users have to label inappropriate short articles as “NFBSK” — “not because that British institution kids.” possibly she should’ve bought a copy of the net Nanny software.


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Anyway, this complaint turned into a Snopes in-joke, which to be so gosh dang funny that Snopes made decision to create a NFBSK forum. (Don’t bother trying to find it; it’s basically a yearlong southern Park episode.)

NFBSK came to be popularized as a joke, but it handle a serious difficulty that other words failed to describe. The net is dirty, however it’s everywhere. Over time, NFBSK slowly made its way into myriad forums and also chatrooms. That simplified right into “NSFW,” and hey, now it’s in the Webster’s dictionary!

When carry out You to speak NSFW?

Unlike part other net jargon, using words NSFW is an extremely easy. You can use it as a label, or you have the right to use it as a literal meaning acronym in a sentence. That’s all there is come it.


As a label, NSFW is only valuable if that comes before the inappropriate content you’re sending. The belongs in the header of one email, Reddit post, or website. And also although websites favor YouTube prefer to autoplay videos, adding “NSFW” come the title of inappropriate videos is quiet a good idea.

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And yes, you should do this for message messages, too. Just add “NSFW” come messages the contain web links to unreasonable content. If you’re it is registered photos or videos to a message, questioning the recipient if they have the right to receive NSFW content prior to you hit the send button. (If friend think this will certainly make lock uncomfortable, you probably shouldn’t be sending out them inappropriate contents anyway.)

As a literal meaning acronym, you simply use NSFW wherein it fits grammatically together “not for sure for work.” If someone sends out you a link, for example, you could ask, “Is this NSFW?”

We stated the expression SFW (safe for work) previously in this article. Like, NSFW, words SFW can be offered as a label or as a literal acronym. You deserve to label messages, emails, or web links as SFW, and also you deserve to ask her friends inquiries like, “Is this SFW?”

Now that you know exactly how to recognize and use words NSFW, why not expand your web vocabulary v some various other freaky words? like NSFW, acronyms choose TLDR and also FOMOare regularly supplied in news articles and on her favorite society media outlets. They’re worth knowing, and don’t worry, they’re SFW.

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