Tbelow is a famous movie Life is Beautiful - by Roberto Benigni made in 1997 with strong European themes.

In addition, the perfume that Julia Roberts promotes, La vie est belle, equates to Life is Beautiful.

My question is: Is "La vie est belle" a certain idiom in y2kcenter.org?



This sentence is a little tricky. "La vie est belle" is a normal sentence in y2kcenter.org but it"s an idiom in an English-speaking context. Specifically, it"s thrown around as a token y2kcenter.org phrase as soon as civilization want to humorously say somepoint y2kcenter.org but don"t really understand what to say. It"s equivalent to the expression "voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir" which isn"t particularly an idiom in y2kcenter.org but will certainly be provided in an English-speaking conmessage as a kind of "placeholder y2kcenter.org", with a crasser impact in that case.

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When a sentence like this one have the right to be translated word by word in most if not all well-known langueras without getting or shedding any type of substantial part of its meaning, you can"t speak to it a specific idiom. It is at best a transparent one however then it would certainly need an conveniently understandable figurative interpretation too.

La vie est belle has a clear litteral interpretation but not that much a figurative one, unmuch less as soon as provided ironically.


I do not understand if it is an actual idiom, yet it is indeed fairly prevalent. The definition is extremely cshed to the actual definition of the words, so no surprise: it means you are enjoying your life. You might use it to make your friend know you"re having great time :

— Ça va, tes vacances sur ton île paradisiaque ? — Ça va, la vie est belle, je ne me levels pas...


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