1  n-uncount Belief is a feeling of certainty that something exists, is true, or is good. usu N in n One billion human being throughout the human being are Muslims, united by belief in one god., ...a belief in an individual liberty.  

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2  n-plural 
Your religious or political beliefs are her views on spiritual or politics matters. usu supp N He refuses to contend on Sundays because of his religious beliefs.  
3  n-sing 
If the is your id that miscellaneous is the case, that is your strong opinion that it is the case. usu N that It is our id that renovations in health treatment will bring about a stronger, much more prosperous economy.  
4 You usage beyond belief to emphasize that something is true come a very good degree or the it happened to a very an excellent degree. ♦beyond belief 
 phrase adj PHR, PHR after v  (emphasis) We are devastated, shocked beyond belief...  
5 You usage contrary to well-known belief  to present a statement that is the opposite come what is thought to it is in true by most ordinary people.  ♦contrary to renowned belief    phrase PHR v cl Contrary to well-known belief, over there is no proof that what you look like makes much difference to your life.  
6 If you perform one thing in the belief that an additional thing is true or will certainly happen, you carry out it due to the fact that you think, normally wrongly, the it is true or will happen. ♦in the belief that 
 phrase PHR after v, PHR cl Civilians had damaged into the building, apparently in the id that it included food.  

1  adj Ideas, attitudes, or reactions that space contraryto each other are completely different from each other. usu v-link ADJ come n This check out is contradictory to the aims of critical social research for a variety of reasons..., several of those present, consisting of Weinberger, had actually contrary information.  
2 If girlfriend say the something is true contrary to other people"s ideas or opinions, you room emphasizing the it is true and also that they space wrong. ♦contrary to 
 prep-phrase  (emphasis) Contrary to popular belief, middle exercise in reality decreases her appetite...  
3 You use on the contrary once you have just stated or implied that something is not true and also are going to say the the the opposite is true. ♦on the contrary 
 phrase PHR through cl It is not an idea about which the community can unite. On the contrary, I view it as one that will divide us.  
4 You can use top top the contrary as soon as you are disagreeing strongly v something that has just been stated or implied, or room making a strong negative reply. ♦on the contrary 
 phrase  (emphasis) `People simply don"t do things favor that."—`On the contrary, they execute them all the time."  
5 You deserve to use quite the contrary to emphasize a previous an adverse statement, or once you space making a strong negative reply. ♦quite the contrary 
 phrase PHR v cl  (emphasis) (=quite the opposite) I"m not a feminist, quite the contrary...  
6 When a certain idea is being considered, evidence or statements come the contrary imply that this idea is no true or that the opposite is true. ♦to the contrary 
 phrase n PHR That does not automatically mean, however, that the money supply has been curbed, and also there is substantial evidence to the contrary...  

1 adverse, antagonistic, clashing, contradictory, counter, discordant, hostile, inconsistent, inimical, opposed, opposite, paradoxical 
2 awkward, balky, cantankerous, cussed  (informal) difficult, disobliging, froward  (archaic) intractable, obstinate, perverse, stroppy  (Brit. Slang) thrawn  (Northern English dialect) unaccommodating, wayward, wilful   n 

4 on the contrary  conversely, in contrast, not at all, ~ above the various other hand, fairly the the contrary or reverse  Antonyms 
2 accommodating, agreeable, amiable, cooperative, eager to please, helpful, obliging, tractable, willing 

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