A instance of alcohol weighs 34lbs (16kg). Wine instances come in a traditional 12 party size. Smaller cases of wine sweet 17lbs (8kg) which have 6 party of wine. Larger boxes with (you guessed it) 24 party of wine have the right to weigh approximately 67lbs (30kg).

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Well, the answer above is the brief version. Yet there’s a little more detail we have the right to dive into.

In this brief guide, i have covered every little thing you have to know about the load of wine and also cases that it. Even if it is you’re looking come ship, store, sell, or simply gift part wine – whatever you need to recognize should it is in in this guide.

Ready? climate let’s dive in.

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1Working Out exactly how Much A case of wine Weighs
1.1How lot Does A bottle of wine Weigh?
1.2How much Does A case of wine Weigh?
2More Wine instance FAQ’s
2.1What size Is A situation of Wine?
2.2How lot Does Shipping alcohol Cost?
2.3It’s Illegal to Send alcohol Yourself
2.4Why does It cost So much To delivery Wine?
2.5Ways to acquire Wine delivered for Free

Working Out exactly how Much A instance of wine Weighs

I recently gained stuck wondering how much wine instances would weigh and cost to ship. Therefore I began doing some research.

Below room the different numbers I found for every little thing from how much empty bottles of wine weigh, to full cases. Ns hope the sections encompass the answer you need!

How much Does A party of alcohol Weigh?

Let’s begin with the most basic. A bottle of alcohol is comprised of 2 weights – the wine itself, and also the party it’s retained in.

750ml wine bottles frequently weigh about 500g (1.1lbs) once empty. However, this have the right to vary between 300-900g (0.66-1.98lbs) depending on the bottle. When cheap modern-day wine might use extra-thin bottles, old vintages have the right to sometimes be discovered in heavy duty, artisan-style bottles. The weight of a case of alcohol can often be more than 50% as result of the party themselves!Wine is approximately as thick as water – 750ml of wine weighs 0.75kg (or 1.65lbs).The mean bottle of full wine weighs a an unified 1.25kg or 2.75lbs.

How lot Does A instance of alcohol Weigh?

Now that we have actually the bottle, it’s easy to uncover how much a situation of alcohol weighs.

# the BottlesCase Weight

I’ve added fifty percent a kilogram (1.1lbs) for the cardboard case’s cardboard.

Bearing in mind that the weight of a instance of wine deserve to vary relying on several factors. Including:

The density of the yes, really wine within the bottleThe thickness that the bottle itselfAny heavy-duty packaging (a wooden instance weighs much more than cardboard)The dimension of the bottles

More Wine case FAQ’s

We every love to know details, specifically when we’re talking or plan logistics.

To assist cover every added question you could want come know, I’ve extended other typically asked questions below.


What size Is A instance of Wine?

Cardboard alcohol Cases

The standard situation of alcohol is a 12 bottle, cardboard crate case. With 6 party cases additionally coming in in ~ a near second. Their dimensions are:

12 bottle Wine Case: 334 x 250 x 322 mm or 13.15 x 9.84 x 12.60 inches6 party Wine Case: 306 x 204 x 350 mm or 12.04 x 8.03 x 13.77 inches

Sizes indigenous Kite Packaging, provided in size x width x Height.

Wooden wine Cases

If you’re obtaining a higher end situation of wine, or one from a vinery, you may be lucky sufficient to have actually it ceded in a wooden wine case.

Their typical dimensions are:

12 bottle Wine Crate: 495 x 330 x 178 mm or 19.5 x 13 x 7 inches6 bottle Wine Crate: 330 x 280 x 178 mm or 13 x 11 x 7 inches

Sizes indigenous Wood wine Crate & Boxes, noted in length x broad x Height.

How lot Does Shipping alcohol Cost?

Shipping and handling fees are frequently just an ‘add-on’, which is why this one yes, really surprised me.

Wine can cost over $50 to ship a case! Granted, this is from shore to coast, yet it’s still a lining surcharge to add on to a situation of wine.

This is why wine clubs and also online deals are so popular. They typically will handle the shipping costs, letting you spend much more of your budget on the actual wine you’re going to enjoy.

If you’re looking to delivery wine, i recommend law it with a wine club. purchase online and using cost-free (or discounted) shipping is a much cheaper means than organising to send that yourself.

While we’re in ~ it, it’s necessary to know..

It’s Illegal come Send alcohol Yourself

Or in ~ least, it can be.

This is a totality thing. Basically, alcohol and also shipping regulations related come alcohol were written after the 21st revised repealed Prohibion (in the 1930’s). It pipeline shipping regulation approximately individual states, which method you’re looking at 50 different sets of laws when it pertains to shipping alcohol.

That’s no to speak it’s impossible to send wine yourself. It no always, however it might be. And what it will expense (guaranteed) is a totality bunch of your time not just researching exactly how to perform it, but likewise filling out paperwork. Not precisely fun.

Better to send a situation via an online retailer (as well as acquiring yourself one to celebrate conserving so lot time).

Why does It expense So much To ship Wine?

This is candid a great question. The high cost originates from a entirety bunch of components which all have actually their very own costs.

Firstly, alcohol shipping is just one of the top tiers in regards to the amount of paperwork associated from the shipping company.This has a signature requirement, i beg your pardon is an prompt surplus charge.Alcohol is nearly always sent to a home – which way potential let go deliveries (another surplus charge).When shipping come a home, the case additionally can’t simply be left outside like an Amazon delivery.Wine is hefty – one of the heaviest goods to send through square inch. That a hell that a lot more tough to move a van of wine 보다 a van of toilet paper!Expensive wines may need shipping in a climate regulated vehicle. Assumption: v what… $$.

Ways to obtain Wine yielded for Free

Wine is expensive sufficient – so blowing several of the budget plan on shipping and handling is virtually a sin. Here’s a couple of ways the you have the right to keep her money flowing straight into very delicious wine, and also not right into cardboard box or shipping trucks.

Become a alcohol Steward because that $49 in ~ Wine.com. This is honestly one of the best choices since they have an amazing and also broad selection of wine. The factor it’s therefore cheap is the they basically lock you into buying from only them. Yet for a low price of around $4 a month, who complaining?


It turns out that a situation of wine has a lot walk on behind it.

The load of it, the dimension of it, the shipping costs and logistics – it’s a the majority of effort.

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Thankfully, the delicious drink that awaits you within is worth every 2nd and dollar!

I expect this fast guide has actually helped settle your questions on the weight of wine and also how to ship it. If friend have any other concerns you’d like answered, please shoot me a article via the call form.