If friend are in search of food peacock names climate you space at the ideal place. That is precious noting that a peacock is actually a male peafowl but, most civilization use this name interchangeably to describe both a male and female peafowl. There are additionally different varieties of peacocks and also some that them include the eco-friendly peacock, Indian peacock and also the Congo peacock. For the functions of this write-up I to be going to usage the name peacock to describe both a male and also a woman peacock. This way that the names in this write-up will cater because that both genders the peafowls.

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How To name A Peacock

Peacocks and Peahens can make really an excellent pets and naming them might not do much to their personality. However, naming your pet will definitely adjust the means you, your friends and also family look in ~ it. In which method the way people connect with an pet changes as soon as a name is given to it. In bespeak to provide your peacock a nice surname there space important factors you need to consider when naming your pet. Several of them incorporate how girlfriend want civilization to perceive your pet and the surname of her bird will influence how human being view it due to the fact that people have a tendency of projecting their biased awareness of a name’s meaning. Thus people may misjudge one animal’s personality or demeanour if you give it an awkward name. One more essential point to keep in mind once naming her pet is its longevity. With appropriate care her peacock can be around for a long time. With that in mind you will want to make sure that you choose a name the you deserve to live through for as long as you expect your pet to be around for. Some sources of incentive to assist you name your bird incorporate authors, historic figures, astronauts, movie characters mythical creatures and artists to name a few. If you space the kind of human who currently has a most names however cannot it seems ~ to settle for one think about researching the names you have in mind. Discover out what their definitions are and also their origins and also see what finest suits you.

Good Peacock Names

Peacocks deserve an excellent names since they room magnificent animals. Below is a perform of several of the good peacock surname for your pet which friend can select from.

Bluey: this is a great peacock name that is right for one Indian peacock. This is because they are usually blue in colour hence, the surname Bluey, i m sorry is obtained from words blue will suit them.

Praline: this is a great name because that a peacock. The surname is inspired by the Disney cartoon dubbed “Sofia the first”. Praline is Princess Amber’s peacock.

Pavo: this is a great peacock name the is influenced by the animated collection called “Jungle book.” Pavo shows up in Season 2 on the 1st episode and also he is depicted as white peacock that lacks confidence.

Pride: this is a great peacock name that tries to portray the mindset or action of the bird. The is related to as a proud bird the is why it usually display screens its lengthy tail that has magnificent feathers.


Types that Peacocks

There are three varieties of peacocks which room the peafowl, the environment-friendly peafowl, and also the Congo peafowl. The Indian Peafowl is the most typical peacock compared to the other varieties of peacocks. This kind of peacocks is indigenous to India, Sri Lanka, and also other areas of east Asia and it is well-known for its incredible tail plumage and bright blue heads and crests. Another kind of peacock is the Javanese Peafowl, or the environment-friendly Peafowl. This varieties is native to south-east Asia and also can be spotted on the Indonesian island the Java. This peacocks watch the exact same as the Indian Peacocks in that they additionally have brightly coloured tail feathers that are used to tempt females and also fan-shaped crests on your heads, however, your heads and crests are eco-friendly rather than blue. The third form of peacock is the freshly discovered, Congo Peafowl. This peacock walk not have the impressive screen of colours prefer the Java and Indian types but it is famed for that is pheasant-like appearance.

Funny Peacock Names

Peacocks can be funny animals because of your appearance and behaviour. If you would favor to give your peacock a funny surname that goes hand in hand with the nature than below are a couple of suggestions.

Omnivore: this is a funny peacock surname that screens the nature that the peacock. The is an omnivores meaning that it only survives on eating plants and also other animals.

Tail bird: this is a funny peacock name that is motivated by the lengthy tail feather of the peacock i beg your pardon are likewise known as a covert.

Disco Turkey: this is a funny peacock name that originates from the idea that a peacock has colourful feathers which room reminiscent to that of a disco ball thus the name Disco Turkey.

Noisy: this is a funny peacock name that is obtained from the nature of these birds. Castle are very loud birds.

Chick JaggerNibblesChipperSnappyBougieZappiePipCalypso

Facts about Peacocks

Peacocks are amongst some that the most fascinating and beautiful bird on earth and the indigenous “peacock” does not use to both the male and also female birds. Instead only the males the are referred to as peacocks, while the females are called peahens. The collective name because that both of them is “peafowl”. Peacocks are thought to have actually lived in ~ forests and rainforests, an environment which still remains their many comfortable and natural habitat. When trained these birds deserve to live up to 50 years. However, in the wild where life is much an ext dangerous, peacocks and also peahens deserve to live up to about 20 years or so. The key difference in between peacocks and also peahens is in their size. Back they every come in various sizes, males are frequently twice the size of your female counterparts. The huge and colourful tail which peacocks are recognized for is actually called a train. An additional interesting fact around a peacock is your running speed. The running speed for peacocks is on mean 10 miles every hour or 16 kilometres per hour.

Peacock Nicknames

To do things interesting you can constantly give a peacock a name that is based on its figure or attitude. The section listed below contains some of the great peacock nicknames which you can shot out.

Show-off: this is a peacock nickname that is obtained from the behaviour of a peacock. It screens its beautiful distinct feathers once walking or standing therefore the name Show-off.

Snake enemy: this nickname is right for a peacock. This is mainly due to the fact that this bird has actually the ability to bite or follow away snakes.

Swagger: this is a good peacock nickname that way to to walk in a really confident manner and this is specifically what a peacock does.

Shakie: this is a peacock nickname that is derived from words shake. The name is right for a peacock since it has actually a tendency of shower its feathers.

AquaFlossPretty BirdIndianaPavonianBird the JunoMr FeelsButterfly birdMs BossyStrutPose expertFlounceMiss Posture

Peacock’s behavioral Traits

Peacocks are several of the most highly social and also territorial birds. They tend to end up being aggressive in the direction of strangers or new peafowl that dares to enter their territory. Also, this birds take trip in groups of 8 come 10 called a muster, ostentation, or pride. It is believed that the key purpose a peacock’s colourful tail trace is to entice the mrs peahens for mating. In addition, performing a dance fascinates peahens and attracts them come mate the peacocks. Part studies have actually revealed that peacocks can also fake a copulatory speak to so that it deserve to attract an ext peahens. Peahens ~ above the various other hand, choose a peacock based on its size, colour, and also quantity that tail trains. Once mating is over, peahens will develop a colony for your eggs. The males just look for other peahens come mate with. In the wild, peacocks have the right to be uncovered in forested areas, and also farms and also other agricultural fields. Lock inhabit lowland forests, deciduous forests, and also both tropical and dry habitats. Even in their natural range, these peacocks deserve to roam in cities and also parks searching for food. They periodically even damage crops, yet they additionally eat locusts and also grasshoppers, which farmers can benefit from.

Pet Peacock Names

If friend are soaking up a peacock together a pets you will obviously need a pet name for it. In this section I have actually highlighted some of the an excellent pet names for your peacock. They are appropriate for both male and female peacocks.

India: this is a pet peacock name the tells a story around the peacock. That is in reality the national bird because that India.

Pea: this is a pet peacock name the is obtained from words Peacock and also instead of express the whole word you deserve to simply shorten it and give it as a surname for her peacock.

Ostentatious: this is a pet peacock name the is motivated by the plot of a peacock.

Dot: this is a an excellent pet surname for her peacock. The name is inspired by the features of the peacock that has certain parts whereby there room dotted colours on the feathers for this reason the surname Dot.


A Peacock’s Diet

The peacock diet consists of a wide range of food such as forage because that plants, insects, and little creatures which the bird can find on the ground. Peacocks deserve to be pertained to as omnivores, definition that lock eat both plants and also animals. Friend will find a peacock feeding on plants and insects in the hedgerows that line paths and paddocks. Various types of peacocks room happy to take benefit of simple meal however it is much healthier and much better for the bird to move around and also search because that food the herbal way. You can uncover peacocks openly roaming approximately wherever they favor on a farm or garden and that provides them opportunistic feeders. These birds are often seen lurking near picnic tables external a mill, because that example, waiting for a family picnic to finish in order for them to gain the crumbs that have actually been left behind. Peacocks can additionally easily hop end the fences in pet paddocks and also enjoy nibbling on the seed and cereal mixes that have the right to be fed to goats and also sheep ~ above a farm. As lot as peacocks have the right to look for their very own food in the wild this birds gain being fed.

Male Peacock Names

A masculine peafowl is the one the is known as a peacock and it can be offered its own distinct name just to different it from other peacocks. Here are few of the masculine names for her peacock which girlfriend can select from.

Freedo: this is a masculine peacock name the is derived from the cartoon dubbed “Sofia the first.” Freedo is Prince james pet baboon. In the cartoon Freedo is when turned into a peacock baboon after James had lugged him come school.

Shen: this is a masculine peacock name the is motivated by the man cartoon referred to as “Kung Fu Panda 2.” Shen is an angry and an extremely manipulative peacock in the movie that wanted to take end China.

Cock: this is a male name for your peacock and it is obtained from words peacock. So rather of pronounce the whole word you can simply shorten it come Cock and make that a surname for your peacock.

Paone: this is a French native that means peacock for this reason you can use it as a name for her male peacock.


Female Peacock Names

A mrs peafowl is referred to as a peahen and also it additionally deserves the own distinctive name particularly if you have plans the making that a pet. Here are some feminine names the are best for a peacock.

Eugenia Ferdinand: this is a woman peacock name the is influenced by the TV programme dubbed “The legend that the 3 Caballeros”. Eugenia Ferdinand is a peacock and also the Vice president of the Quackmore institute in this show.

Paonne: this is a good name because that a female peacock. It method a mrs peacock in French.

Cocky: this is a female peacock name that is influenced by the mindset of a peacock. Castle are often viewed together cocky birds that are really arrogant.

Precious: this is a good name for a female peacock. The tries to display screen a picture of just exactly how precious and also beautiful the bird is.


Baby Peacock Names

Baby peacocks room so cute and a infant peafowl is dubbed a peachick. If you space adopting a baby peacock then right here are a few name proposal for then that are very easy come remember.

Feathers: this is a infant peacock name that describes the physical appearance that the bird. It has actually a many feathers that are beautiful thus the surname feathers.

Chick: this is a infant peacock name the is inspired by the idea that the young one of a peafowl is a peachick. So rather of utilizing the whole word you have the right to simply shorten it come chick and also use it together a name for your peafowl.

Birdy: this is a baby peacock name that is regularly used on other birds. The surname tries come portray a snapshot that the peacock is a type of bird.

Loud-mouth: this is a an excellent name for a baby peacock. The surname is acquired from the action of the bird that is naturally a according to bird.


Cute Peacock Names

Cute birds like peacocks likewise deserve cute surname that complement their personality. The section below contains several of the cutest surname for her pet peacock.

Beauty: this is a cute name for a peacock. The surname is obtained from the figure of the bird, it is deemed among the most beautiful birds for this reason the name Beauty.

Sundrop: this is a cute name for a peacock and also it is also the name of Rapunzel’s peacock which she uncovered in the man movie called, “Tangled”.

Quacker: this is a an excellent name because that a peacock and also it is influenced by the noise the the peacocks make.


Can Peacocks kill Humans?

Peacocks are normally territorial birds and will perform anything to safeguard their territory. However, the is really rare because that peacocks to death humans. They usually strike but, will leave human beings alive. Peahens that have actually laid eggs space the ones the usually strike people specifically when friend come too close your eggs. Therefore, that is advisable to constantly stay much away indigenous peacocks particularly if they have actually laid eggs.

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Do Peacocks paris Away?

Yes peacocks deserve to fly but, just for a short duration of time. Peacocks have the right to fly up right into trees or rooftops and also they likewise fly as soon as they are running far from their predators.