The Bronze period Aegean in the east Mediterranean encompassed several powerful entities: the Minoans ~ above Crete; the Mycenaeans top top mainland Greece, and the Cypriots on Cyprus. These societies are often examined separately, and also thus the ample cross-cultural transmission between them is overlooked. Focussing top top the Minoans and Mycenaeans, although castle are often perceived as one complying with after the other, there were a few hundred year in i m sorry the supremacy in the Aegean shifted from the Minoans to the Mycenaeans. The waning of Minoan influence and also waxing of Mycenaean dominance has to be observed from the historical evidence, and also the close connection between the two societies is stood for in similarities in the style of the palatial complexes, funeral practices, and also the transmission of iconography and also goods indigenous Crete to the mainland.



The action of trade requires the transference that goods and people, which in turn causes exposure the beliefs and practices in between different cultures. Artefacts uncovered in ~ palatial sites and burials of both the Minoans and also Mycenaeans display their substantial connections via profession networks with various other civilisations the the ancient world, including Egypt, Cyprus and the close to East. The Minoans and Mycenaeans had frequent contact, and the elite at Mycenae offered the obelisk grave burials as a method of expressing ownership over foreign and also exotic goods. The is generally through the burial goods the the Mycenaean elite the a pattern because that the choice of Minoan craftsmanship and iconography has actually been recognised.

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The Minoans may have actually been working as intermediaries between the Mycenaeans & various other cultures, such together Egypt.

Archaeological find from Mycenaean web page such as Mycenae and also Pylos suggest that the Minoans may have been functioning as intermediaries in between the Mycenaeans and also other cultures, such together Egypt, in your well-established profession networks. This theory has been handle by Burns who commented: “not only was Minoan Crete a major source because that prestige items in the column Graves, but many of the materials and items imported from the east Mediterranean it seems ~ to have come v Minoan intermediaries” (76). This concept is corroborated with artefacts such as an ostrich egg, well-known from Egyptian craftsmen yet found in a Mycenaean funeral with Minoan embellishments, saying Minoan interference before its interment with a Mycenaean elite.

The understanding of Bronze period trade and active networks is notified largely by many shipwrecks which have actually been excavated by underwater archaeologists. Due to their capsizing, the organic products onboard the ships have preserved far better in water 보다 if they had been buried. The renowned Uluburun shipwreck capsized turn off the southern coastline of Anatolia and also dates to one of two people the late 14th century that the early on 13th century BCE. This shipwreck carried artefacts and raw materials from Egypt, Cyprus, the Greek Mainland, Crete, and the Levant; it was the ceramic on plank which aided in the date of the ship.

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Ostrich Egg Rhyton
Schuppi (CC BY-SA)

Art & Craftsmanship

Since the Minoans space the larger culture, it makes sense the they had influenced the Mycenaeans much more than the other means around. The Minoans are well-known for your intricate, high-quality pottery and craftsmanship, and the numerous burial goods of Cretan provenance and Minoan affect on mainland Greece says there to be a high need for it in the upstream Mycenaean society. The Mycenaeans not just expressed their choice for Minoan craftsmanship however incorporated typical Minoan iconographical motifs such together the octopus native the iconic marine Ware right into their own, much more structured and also geometric-style art. The Minoans were well-known for your free-flowing artistic decoration and also showed a preference for marine and also plant life.

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The finest example for the comparison of imaginative styles that the Minoans and Mycenaeans is shown through the 2 gold cups discovered at the Mycenaean Vaphio tomb. This LH II tholos tomb presented two gold cups; known as the Vaphio cups. At an initial glance they it seems ~ identical, however, with greater analysis, they not only convey 2 entirely different scenes but additionally represent various aesthetic styles, which says two different craftsmen. With one cup being named the quiet or calm cup and the various other the violent cup, it seems as though the similarity in the bull scenes may have actually been planned by the same person however executed by various people; the patience bull step by a Minoan craftsman and the violent bull step by a Mycenaean. The patience bull scene is well-executed and also freeform, with the handles inserted on peak of the design, seemingly as an afterthought. This conforms come the Minoan choice for free-flowing scenes and also their exceptional craftsmanship.