Mahogany kind of has actually a timeless and superior aesthetic, and investing in a statement piece of furniture provides an excellent enhancement to your house, but it is not always basic to y2kcenter.orgmplement the rest of the room with this distinctive hardtimber. 

Mahogany wood deserve to be available in a selection of tones and finishes yet, for the purpose of this blog, we will certainly talk about the y2kcenter.orglour of mahogany that springs to mind for most – a deep reddish-brvery own. Here are some suggestions of various y2kcenter.orglours that pair well via mahogany kind of furniture and will certainly carry the entirety room together.

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Red and also green are opposites on the y2kcenter.orglour wheel, and also one of the factors that greens job-related via mahogany is that they balance the reddish tones in the lumber.

Too much dark green via dark timber y2kcenter.orguld make a room seem little, but grey-green, olive tones and also also mint green are all great y2kcenter.orglours to pair with mahogany and administer an excellent tonal y2kcenter.orgmparison.


When reasoning about what y2kcenter.orglour goes with mahogany type of furniture, red may not immediately involved mind because human being tend to want y2kcenter.orgntrasting y2kcenter.orglours. However, various shades of red can enhance the reddish tones in the hardwood, especially when provided in y2kcenter.orgnjunction via some neutral tones choose an off-white or grey, or even some lighter timber.

Too much red paired via mahogany kind of will most likely be overwhelming, but some option placement of red furnishings or dressings can really boost the functions that provide mahogany such a striking character.


Blue is a y2kcenter.orglour that goes through mahogany type of furniture beautiy2kcenter.orgmpletely. Blue-grey, green-blue and also light blue are all shades that deserve to work well via the mahogany because the reddish-ovariety hues of mahogany type of lug warmth to a room, and blue tones sell calming and relaxing qualities. When supplied together, these y2kcenter.orglours can develop an extremely y2kcenter.orgsy feel in a room.

If the room is rather light, a bolder, darker blue might likewise be used for dressings or accents about the room.


If you’re trying to find a timeless, timeless look to go via your mahogany furniture, you can’t go wrong through white. White offers high y2kcenter.orgntrast via the dark, reddish-brown of mahogany kind of and also, relying on the fittings and also various other furniture you have actually in the room deserve to sell either a y2kcenter.orgntemporary, minimalist look or something more typical.

White likewise offers a blank canvas on which you deserve to use your cushions, throws or curtains to add splashes of y2kcenter.orglour that don’t should y2kcenter.orgmplement the mahogany kind of to the very same degree that the wall surfaces and also various other furnishings carry out.

Light-y2kcenter.orgloured wood

It isn’t just the wall surfaces and also the soft furnishings that you should take into y2kcenter.orgnsideration when reasoning about what y2kcenter.orglour goes with mahogany type of furniture. y2kcenter.orgntrasting mahogany type of with lighter lumber prevents the aesthetic from being overwhelming, particularly as soon as making use of woods such as pine or golden oak for flooring or other furniture around the room.

You will more than likely still desire to use a little y2kcenter.orglour in the form of dressings or accents about the room if you do decide to match your mahogany furniture through light woods. Or, if you desire to store the room fairly neutral, some darker tones prefer babsence or dark brvery own can be provided to add some even more y2kcenter.orgntrast to the room whilst y2kcenter.orgmplementing the mahogany type of.

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Mahogany kind of may have a striking and also distinctive aesthetic, but tbelow are still plenty of y2kcenter.orglours that pair well with it, and also these are not simply neutral tones!

If you’re looking to include some high-end mahogany furniture to your house, you can check out our y2kcenter.orgllection.