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February 12th marks 206 years due to the fact that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log in cabin in Kentucky. It’s difficult to fathom exactly how the human being has adjusted since then. To this day, Lincoln continues to be the most popular president ~ above currency, through both the Lincoln Cent and also the $5 invoice bearing his likeness. But aside native the Lincoln currency we’re all acquainted with, Lincoln has actually been featured on part lesser-known U.S. Money as well. Right here are several of the more uncommon piece of money featuring ethical Abe.

1863 Greenback $10 BillOne of Lincoln’s many success in office was pushing forward regulation to allow record currency. The Greenback collection of U.S. Paper currency featured a wide assortment of different designs and also denominations. One of these bills, printed in 1863, featured Lincoln ~ above the front. Frederick Girsch draft Lincoln’s portrait. The $10 bill was green, as the surname implied, and also the design included cutting edge counterfeiting technology for the moment period.

1918 Illinois State Commemorative Half-Dollar CoinIn 1818, Illinois officially became the 21st U.S. State. To celebrate the 100th anniversary the the occasion, a commemorative half-dollar to be issued. The half-dollar also honored the 16th president. Start in 1834, Lincoln offered in the Illinois state legislature. The obverse side of the half-dollar features a portrait of Lincoln, which was designed through George T. Morgan. The portrait is based on a frosting in Springfield, Illinois, sculpted by Andrew O’Connor. The turning back was draft by man Sincock and is based upon the Illinois State Seal.

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2009 Commemorative silver- $1 CoinSix year ago, on February 12, 2009, the U.S. Mint issued an Abraham Lincoln Commemorative silver- Dollar. The occasion? It was the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth. The obverse style is based on the Lincoln Memorial’s sculpture of Lincoln, which to be sculpted by Daniel Chester French. The U.S. Mint’s understand designer, Justin Kunz, to be responsible for the design of the silver- $1 Lincoln Commemorative Coin, if U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Don Everhart did the honors that sculpting the coin.Astonishingly, this isn’t even the complete list of Lincoln currency! In enhancement to the provided pieces, the Lincoln cent, and also the $5 bill, even more Lincoln coinage has been minted. In 2003, Illinois’ state quarter featured a portrait that the young Lincoln, and in 2010, a $1 presidential coin v Lincoln’s likeness was issued. Once you think about the currency featuring statues that the 16th president, the list gets even longer. As soon as it pertains to U.S. Coins and currency, Lincoln is king!

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