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Genre: Adventure, Comedy, DramaStarring: Ryan Merriman, Henry Gibson, Alexis Lopez, Glenndon ChatmanDirector: Paul Hoen include Favorite

Storyline: The happy of the irish (TV Movie 2001) A teenager must battle for a gold charm to save his household from being regulated by an evil leprechaun.

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Romeo should Die (2000) Po sing (Jon Kit Lee) is wait for who in a nightclub in a predominantly Black community when a team of upset patrons try to begin a fight through him. His father's right-hand guy Kai (Russell Wong) and also his henchmen traction


Railroad male (1999) A solitary middle-aged terminal manager is haunted by troubling memories of his past as soon as he learns the heat his terminal is on will be decommissioned for absence of profitability. He is went to by a young woman, who mysteriously appea


An exit zebra (voice that Frankie Muniz) grow up believing that is a racehorse, and, through the aid of his barnyard friends and also a teenage girl (Hayden Panettiere), sets out to achieve his dream that racing through thoroughbreds.


Breaking fast (2020) Mo, a practicing Muslim living in West Hollywood, is learning to navigate life write-up heartbreak. Get in Kal, an All-American man who surprises Mo by giving to break quick with him during the holy month of Ramadan.

Eugene Mirman: An night of Comedy in a Fake Underground laboratory (2012) once it involves satirical observational comedy, Eugene Mirman is a wizard at finding humor in what ordinary human being find mundane. Song in to uncover out why girlfriend should acquire your

George Washington (2000) set in a small town in north Carolina, George Washington is the story the a tight-knit multi-racial group of working-class kids recorded in a tragic lie. After ~ a twelve-year-old girl division up v her friend for a sensitive,

Attack (1956) throughout the closing work of WWII, a nationwide Guard Infantry company is assigned the job of setup up pho observation write-ups in a strategic area. Lieutenant Costa knows that Cooney is in command only since of 'connections' he had

Demon Lover Diary (1980) Don and Jerry, manufacturing facility workers who thrived up ~ above comic books and also B-movies, room fulfilling a lifetime dream: they're creating their own low-budget fear movie. Jeff and also Joel, lovers and also cinema-verité filmmakers, and a girlfriend o

Web (2013) Web adheres to Peruvian family members living in remote towns in the Amazon Jungle and also Andes mountains as their children experience the One Laptop per son program, gaining access to the internet for the first time. Net considers both the benef

Lilith (1964) Lilith is a around a mysterious young woman in an elite sanitarium in Maryland, who appears to weave a magical order all around her. A restless, but sincere young man with an equally obscure previous is seemingly drawn into her web. As time pa

When a teenage girl is own by a secret entity, her mommy seeks the aid of two priests to save her daughter.

Confess (2005) A politics thriller the charts the exploits the disillusioned ex-hacker Terell Lessor. A return to brand-new York, coupled through a humiliating attempt at gaining a new job, serves together the catalyst because that him come take activity against those who slig

Based on a character created by Robert E. Howard, this fast-paced, occasionally humorous sequel come Conan the barbaric features the hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger) together he is commissioned by the evil queen Taramis (Sarah Douglas) come safely escort a teen p

Impolex (2009) in ~ the finish of WWII, the United states sent soldiers throughout Europe to locate and also retrieve the rockets and rocket scientific research that Germany perfected before losing the war. That was called Operation Paperclip. Impolex is the story the one soldie

Tormented and also left for dead through a scorned lover, a woman finds the toughness within herself to recover and also retaliate versus her abuser.

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The Babys Room (2006) In Spain, the sporting activities journalist Juan has actually a perfect life v his wife Sonia: they have just had actually a baby and also moved to an old home that demands to be repaired in a fancy neighborhood. As soon as Juan's sister and her husband visit the cou

Romance on the High Seas (1948) Socialite Elvira Kent suspects her husband the fooling about with other women. Once he announces he can't join her on your scheduled s voyage, she hires a nightclub singer, Georgia Garrett, to pose together her ~ above the c

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