Mg has 1 nucleus, the external shell has actually 2 electrons, the next shell has actually 8 electrons, then the inside circle has 2 electrons, climate the nucleus.

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Cl has 1 nucleius, the outer shell has 7 electrons, the following shell has actually 8 electrons, the inner circle has 2 electrons, the the nucleus.
2. Both atoms need a total of 8 electrons to to fill their highest energy level. How numerous electrons does a chlorine atom need to have a complete of 8 electrons in its highest energy level?
5.a. Once clorine and also magnesium reat chemically, how many chlorine atoms will combie through one magnesium atom? (consider the answers for #3 and also #4)

1.) The highest power electrons room those located in the valence shell, or the outermost shell. For Mg, this would certainly be the electrons in the 3s orbital. Because that Cl, this would certainly be the electron in the 3p orbital.
2.) Chlorine, as a halogen (located in the column straight left that the noble gasses), has 7 valence electrons and therefore demands 1 an ext electron to fill its octet.
3.) Magnesium, located in tower 2 (or team 2) has actually 2 electron in the valence shell. It will give up 2 electron to have the electron construction of Neon, as opposed to obtaining 6 electrons. The will have a complete octet in the n=2 level. (2s2 2p6)
4.) Magnesium, together a metal, will offer up that electrons. They are loosely bound come the nucleus and also by shedding 2 electrons, magnesium will adopt a an ext stable electron configuration with the 2 shell being completely full.
5.) together magnesium requirements to shed two electrons and also Chlorine would prefer to acquire one. Therefore, the 2 Chlorine atoms will certainly react through one Magnesium atom to type MgCl2.
This is the order in which electrons gain filled. The big number in front to represent the power level.
This can additionally be checked out if you have actually a snapshot of it. The outer most electrons room the highest power level.
As Mg has actually 2 electrons. To do 8, Mg would need to get 6 more electrons. OR Mg can provide away 2 electrons and also go under an power level. Offering away 2 electron is easier.

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The 2nd to the last column(F,Cl,Br...)gains electrons. This give and also gain pair is dubbed ionic bonding.
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