Last time, on Wonder woman vs Superman:

Fight start on Earth, both kombatants space in-character.

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We be using computer 'cos much more feats.

Umm.. Nothing else to say... 3 2 1... Fight!


In character?

fight ends after they both open with "I don't desire to struggle you."

Going a tad turn off topic, but this is why In personality hero vs hero fights constantly bemuse me. Either they are both in character and also won't fight, or one is tricked to be upset at the other, which immediately puts them at an advantage.

if it was a practice duel, then Superman would certainly hold ago to much and also WW would certainly win. If it to be a significant fight Superman cuts loose and crushes her.

It's fixed the case. She has stalemated thrice, 2 of those time he to be OOC and potentially bloodlusted.

Sacrifice was him cut lose and also her holding earlier (barely).

He was also amped by Circe's magics into a Doomsday esque thing and she quiet beat him.

For Tomorrow has them throwing about a couple of punches and also lunges, yet neither is in reality trying to hurt the other.

This is skipping in bloodlust she could literally napalm his spirit with the lasso (blame Gail Simone) or fight him through Zeus' lightning (again Simone).

If it was a serious fight Superman cuts loosened and crushes her.

I'm not so certain it for this reason cut and dry. In a bloodlusted hit she would certainly go right for decapitation and her swords would slice right through superman.

Superman has actually every benefit on Wonder mrs except a willingness to kill his enemies. Wonder Woman cuts heads turn off after lunch and also sleeps prefer a baby after dinner. Superman's ethical code would protect against WW long prior to she could.

But there is nothing she can do to avoid Superman. He is around 3 to 10 times more powerful than she is (depending top top the writer and also conditions), WAAAAY faster, and also has proven through a long background that the can flat out take an ext punishment than...almost anyone. He's just too cursed tough. No to point out his power set gives him much more functions 보다 a Swiss army knife for this reason he's got flexibility on his side.

In fact, in the new 52, Batman's contingency plan to preventing WW if she went rogue is Superman. We can argue all we want here, but no one says with Batman.

He is around 3 to 10 times stronger than she is (depending on the writer and conditions), WAAAAY faster

WW is pretty rapid according to her respect thread. Not certain if she's as rapid as Superman but "waaaay faster" can be an exaggeration.

Wonder mrs is canonically much faster than that in PC. Very same for brand-new 52.

Also a much better fighter, better at keeping her cool, has several wonder abilities she rarely provides on only mortals because they be lethal.

The distinction in strength is negligible. Durability, heat vision, and also super breath are the only things he has actually on her.

They are reasonably even in regards to a fight.

In character is a stalemate.

Bloodlust is interesting.

See we all (most of us anyway) know what bloodlusted superman would be like. However what would certainly a bloodlustes wonder mrs be like? Hmm... Fine we actually have had actually the privilege to view what a BL WW might or can do.

Genocide is Wonder woman from the future other than evil and stuff. Now she destroyed an in character WW. She climate proceeded come lay the ache on WW, Donna, Cassie, and the JLA. Wonder woman later beat her by pulling a superman doomsday vibe move. Simply proving great triumphs.

Any way, so some bloodlust move she possesses.

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Thing human being forget is that the Cheetah, pre-Zoom update was currently on par through superman in speed. Later on Zoom aided the Cheetah and she became practically as quick as the flash. Speed is tho faster, reason speed force. So among Wonder Woman's key villians is faster than Superman.