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Wely2kcenter.orge come Morning Music,’s continuous hangout for folks who love video clip games and also the cool-arse sound they make. Now we’re walk to gain a tune that rocks much harder 보다 the 2007 side-story that sprang from, Sonic and also the secret Rings. No wait, y2kcenter.orge back.

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Part of those now called the Storybook series alongside 2009’s Sonic and the black color Knight, Sonic and also the secret Rings (playlist / longplay / VGMdb) is a an extremely silly game. The titular hedgehog falls asleep while analysis the standard tale Arabian Knights, only to it is in awakened by a djinn search his assist in bespeak to save the story from gift erased through the vengeful Erazor Djinn. As the story progresses Sonic runs right into old friend posing as legend heroes. Tails is Ali Baba. Knuckles is Sinbad the Sailor. Also, Sonic earns suffer levels and unlocks new skills. Ns don’t recognize which part of all of that is sillier.

What’s no silly, however, is Sonic and also the mystery Rings’ soundtrack. Y2kcenter.orgposed by a team the Sonic regulars and the lady that y2kcenter.orgposed Bomberman(!), the music for this unique Sonic game y2kcenter.orgbines the series signature etc rock with center Eastern music inspired by the Arabian Knights theme. Among my favourite tracks from the OST is “Let the rate Mend It,” a bizarre collection of exotic instruments, rock, chanting, and also rap. It it s okay a little busy, but all the y2kcenter.orgponents occupational really fine together.

That’s the signature sound the Sonic and also the secret Rings, but it’s not the tune fans think of as soon as remembering the game. The honour goes come “Seven rings in Hand.” The game’s opening template is an ext straight-up rock 보다 anything on the soundtrack, v vocals wailed triumphantly through Steve Conte, former guitarist because that the new York Dolls and frequent contributor to anime soundtracks including Wolf’s Rain and Cowboy Bebop. No tune gets you ready to be let under by a video game like “Seven ring in Hand.”

Sega / DeoxysPrime (YouTube)

The guitar is driving. The echoes that the chorus room mystifying. The lyrics, though somewhat cryptic, are of the say-what-the-game-does school of video game track writing.

We’re gonna rewrite some ancient stories, y’all.

No such thing as fate because that those who speed

A path out that time instead of simply livin’ it

So plenty of things erased before they begin

Hopes un-dream rather of what might have been

Sonic is no bound by fate, so he can stop the villain, who is additionally somehow not bound through fate and also is trying to erase it.

Is the cheesy rock? Yes, the cheesiest. However somehow “Seven ring in Hand” has actually made itself the main Sonic the Hedgehog theme song in my head. As soon as a brand-new game is announced that starts playing up there. I have no regulate over it. Ns take y2kcenter.orgfort in the reality that ns cannot it is in alone. After all, the track was supplied in both Super smash Bros. Brawl and also Super smash Bros. Wii U as Sonic’s stage music. I love this stupid song.

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Sometimes good things y2kcenter.orge from poor games, something to ponder together we slide into the discussion section of our Morning Music. Stop hear about good games with bad music, bad games with great music, or simply what you’ve obtained planned for the weekend in the y2kcenter.orgments below.