Nowadays, the word ego comes increase often. Human being use the freely, believing they understand what the means. However, psychologists usage the term in different way from just how it is frequently used. Depending upon how you define ego, it may seem favor something preferable — or something to it is in avoided at any type of cost. In this article, us will discover the different meanings of the word.

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Origin of the word Ego

The indigenous ego originates from the Latin indigenous meaning“I.” once Freud occurred psychoanalytic theory, he used the German indigenous es to explain the part of the me that is responsible because that decision making. Freud"s English translator chose the native ego.

How civilization Commonly specify Ego

A more common meaning of ego is self-esteem or self-importance. When someone thinks too highly of themselves, we say they have a large ego. Someone that thinks of us as far better and more important 보다 other world might be called an egomaniac.

Synonyms because that Ego

There are numerous synonyms because that the common an interpretation of ego.


As a synonym because that ego, conceit means overly high self-esteem. You don"t simply think you"re a an excellent person once you"re conceited; friend think you"re magnificent. You"re vain and self-absorbed. Choose Narcissus did in the Greek myth, you loss in love through your own reflection, and you might spend a lot of time feather in the mirror, entranced by the beauty beauty of your very own reflection.

Does this mean that a conceited human being is a narcissist? Maybe, perhaps not. If you likewise feel the require for constant admiration, have a sense of entitlement, absence empathy, law in an arrogant way, space preoccupied through fantasies that success, and also see naught wrong with taking advantage of others, friend may have actually a narcissistic personality.


Arrogance, one more synonym because that ego, way that you space overbearing, constantly demanding the utmost reverence from others. Friend take regulate of cases that aren"t have to yours come control. Friend make power plays without thinking of how they might influence others. In fact, you organize others in contempt, viewing castle as much less worthy of respect than you are.


Bigheadedness is a casual synonym because that ego. If you"re bigheaded, you have an exaggerated feeling of your own abilities, qualities, and also importance. You put other people down. Girlfriend demean others, continuing to be intensely focused on your own over-the-top feeling of self-worth.


Self-satisfaction method that you"re smug. You"re so pleased through yourself that you irritate and annoy other people.




Superiority appears at first glance to be a optimistic term. After all, isn’t it an excellent to be exceptional to others? The difficulty is, human being with a feeling of superiority frequently see us as far better than others also when there"s no objective evidence that they are.


The definition of pomposity is comparable to the of ego. Once you"re pompous, friend behave in one inflated,grand way. You might exaggerate your social standing or project position, and you are likely to be too many serious and self-promoting.


Vanity is closely linked with appearance. When you"re vain, you"re enamored with the way you look. Friend may likewise have excessive pride in your own success and abilities.

Psychological Definitionsof Ego

The meaning of ego in psychology is quite various from the usual usage that the word. In psychology, ego is a neutral ide that simply explains an aspect of yourself.

The self In contrast To Others and The World

One method psychologists use words ego is to identify the me from others. Her ego should be intact for you come differentiate between what girlfriend think and what others think. Her ego is the center of your own thoughts, behaviors, and also experiences.

Ego In Psychoanalysis

As pointed out before, Freud provided the word ego as component of his psychoanalytic theory. According to Freud, each person has actually a psyche that"s comprised of three parts: the id, the ego, and the superego. The id refers to the part of themind that"s primal and also instinctual. The superego describes the component of the mindthat is an essential or moralizes about what girlfriend think or do. The ego is the third part of the psyche: the “conscious mediator” that renders decisions.

Conscious Mediator

Freud experienced the ego together a mindful mediator between the id and the superego. Imagine that you have an unconscious need, urge, or desire. This comes from the id. Her superego criticizes and also judges your desire. However, the is your ego that decides even if it is to seek that desire. In a sense, your ego "talks" to your id and superego, gift a solution, and also manages the fallout for the identifier and/or superego. The ego is thusthe decision-making component of themind.



Perception of Reality

Your ego is the component of you the perceives reality. You might smell a flower, taste one apple, or listen a carhonk. It"s your ego that absorbs that sensory information and also makes sense of it. Her ego is the rational component of your mind. It identifies what"s happening about you.

Synonyms for Ego In Psychology

Psychology has its own synonyms for ego too.


Self-concept describes your check out of yourself. Self-concept is the very same as self-image. Her self-concept is a facility set of ideas around what type of human being you are. If you have a positive self-concept, friend think of yourself together a great and worthwhile person. If you have actually a negative self-concept, friend think the yourself as inferior or unworthy.


Ego in psychology can also refer to her identity. In this sense, her ego includes everything that makes you who you are. It can incorporate your physical characteristics, your social status and abilities, and your psychological quirks. Your identity may additionally refer to that you room in culture as contrasted to others.


Self-perspective is your own distinctive view of yourself as part of the larger world. Nobody sees friend quite prefer you view yourself, and no one look at the people as you do either.


Your sense of self-worth relies on your capacity to see the great in yourself and judge it together being enough. Once you have actually positive self-worth, you think of yourself as deserving good things. You place value top top being who you are and doing the points that make you happy.




Self-esteem is trust in yourself. You feel a confident sense the self-worth and self-respect. Having actually healthy self-esteem is crucial in plenty of ways. Once you think sufficient of yourself, you have the right to go confidently into the world to meet your needs and fulfill her desires. With healthy and balanced self-esteem, girlfriend not only treat yourself better, yet you have tendency to law others well too.


Psychologists sometimes define ego together individuality. This is your me in comparison to the selves that others. You are you, and also no one rather is you. You have actually your own needs, thoughts, preferences, and also abilities. You space in charge of what you think and also how girlfriend behave. You"re a unique individual v a distinct perspective and also path in life.


Personality is the unique collection of characteristics that make you that you are. If you have a cheery personality, girlfriend greet the human being with positivity. You laugh often and also think around the an excellent things in life. If you have a bossy personality, you push others to do what friend want, putting your very own judgment around what"s finest ahead of anyone else"s. Your personality is your method of being in the world, and also as such, it"s the ego component of your psyche.

Related Words

Finally, there are a couple of related native that people use to talk about ego.


Egoism is a philosophical concept. It"s a belief that moral habits is based upon serving your own ideal interests. For those who feel that having actually a huge ego is wrong, this may sound far-fetched, but it"s basic to see exactly how taking care of yourself first is the ideal thing you can do. Airline warn passengers to placed on their very own oxygen masks prior to they shot to aid someone else. Also, if you placed others very first too long, friend can become wornout, ill, or depressed.


Egotism method the very same thing as having actually a huge ego. If you"re an egotist, you can"t prevent talking about yourself. You believe you"re superior to and an ext important 보다 others. In her mind, you space the best and you want everyone to understand it.


Psychologist Jean Piaget used the indigenous egocentrism to explain the inability of kids to watch the people from anyone"s perspective other than your own. Psychologist David Elkind later on talked about egocentrism in adolescents, i m sorry he defined as teenagers" tendency to focus on themselves and what others think of them. In usual use, egocentrism is aptly defined by the expression "thinking the civilization revolves about you."



What does It median to have A healthy and balanced Ego?

Ego psychology deserve to identify both unhealthy and healthy egos. If you have an unhealthy ego, you have an unrealistic see of yourself. You might see you yourself as much better or worse than you really are. Girlfriend may have a narcissistic personality or end up being extremely depressed.

What about a healthy and balanced ego? What does that look like? If you have actually a healthy and balanced ego, you typically think fine of you yourself without exaggerating your own success or abilities. You feel mentally solid enough to confront life"s challenges. You view yourself as usually good, acceptable, and at the very least as essential as others. You can see others" perspectives however honor her own most of all.

Often, ego damages can happen in childhood or in traumatic situations. What wake up to you or what someone rather tells you around yourself have the right to interfere with your ability to check out yourself as worthwhile. If your ego appears weak, it might be since you need to attend to depression or previous trauma. A therapist can aid you processyour thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to assist heal your ego.

You deserve to talk to a licensed counselor in ~ for help on this and also on other mental wellness issues. Once you have a healthy and balanced ego and positive self-esteem, you deserve to feel greater happiness and also fulfillment in being simply who girlfriend are.

The services of online Therapy

As discussed above, psychodynamic therapy, i beg your pardon may encompass discussions the the ego, can help with symptoms of social anxiety disorder. However when you are feeling anxious, it can be challenging to to visit in-person sessions. This is where online treatment comes in. Girlfriend can access’s platform from the comfort and also privacy of your own home. In addition, online therapy offers reduced pricing than in-person therapy due to the fact that online therapists don’t need to pay for expenses like renting an’s license is granted therapists have helped civilization understand and work with their ego. Read listed below for some reviews the therapists from human being experiencing similar issues.

Counselor Reviews

“Jody was an impressive support system during a very difficult time for me. She helped me to better understand myself and find some remedies to questions I had about myself. I am so grateful to her for her advice, guidance, and care transparent my time through her!”

“Brittany has been mine counselor for simply a couple of short mainly now. She has been fantastic in gaining to recognize me and finding out what I want from she so far. She has a method with words that seem to define things an extremely well to me which I’m turn has actually helped me have good strides in my life. I don’t think any of this would be possible without Brittany or I’m now excited because that my future in methods I didn’t know exactly how to achieve, i still have allot to attain but I’m confident I’m going come keep getting the assist I need.”


FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

What is the exact definition of ego?

The an interpretation of ego varies depending upon the context. Ego has a psychological an interpretation and a colloquial one. In mental terms, ego is a person"s sense of self-worth, self-esteem, orhow much they worth themselves. Ego breakthrough starts in childhood and evolves together we get into the adult years. Differentthings can impact our feeling of self, such as traumatic experience or battles with psychological illness. World aim to have a healthy and balanced ego. That"s wherein therapy deserve to be helpful. If someone"s ego is fragile, a therapist can aid themwork on feeling far better about themselves.

Is it great to have actually an ego?

The origin of ego psychology dates back to Sigmund Freud. Freud identified the psyche as having actually three unique parts: the ego, the superego, and the id. The ego is the component of our personality the holds the sense of self. The identifier containsour instincts: it wants food, sex, and also love. The superego is what helps us distinguish right from wrong. We all have actually an ego. Whether an ego is healthy and balanced depends on even if it is your feeling of self-worth is realistic, inflated or too low.

People who have narcissistic traits or those who have actually narcissistic personality disorder have actually an inflated sense of self. Their egos are gigantic because, underneath it, they have actually a solid sense the self-loathing. They overcompensate through arising a grandiose sense of who they are.

Are ego and also pride the exact same thing?

In the colloquial sense, ego and pride space similar. However, pride has to do with just how others perceive you, when ego has more to do with your sense of self.

What is an instance of ego?

Again, in the colloquial sense, an example of ego is believing the you space the best writer in the whole world. The psychological an interpretation of ego has much more to do with just how much you worth yourself. If you have a healthy sense that self-worth, her ego isn"t inflated. If your feeling of me is inflated, you may be narcissistic and act grandiose.

Is ego a negative word?

The connotationof ego varies depending on which meaning you space using. Ego have the right to have a pejorative tone if it pertains to a person"s inflated feeling of self-worth. However, if you space talking about an individual"s tardy of that they are, it is feasible to have actually a healthy ego.

What is opposing of ego?

The the opposite of ego in the colloquial feeling is humility. Someone v humility isnot concerned with proving just how wonderful they are. They recognize their good qualities and are also happy come acknowledgethe positiveattributesin others.

How execute you hit ego?

Ego is not something come be combated against. The betterquestion come ask is:“How do I have a healthier feeling of self? How have the right to I job-related on loving and accepting who I am?”

What is a healthy ego?

Someone v ahealthy ego have the right to see their very own value in a grounded and also realistic method without exaggerating their achievements. They can likewise acknowledge various other people"s achievements and give them credit for your successes.

Who has actually the greatest ego?

People that seem to have“big egos”are often those who space experiencing self-esteem issues. In various other words, they space overcompensating for insecurities. Moreover, a person"s feeling of self have the right to fluctuate depending upon their mood.For example, a person who has bipolar disorder could have different issues related come ego depending on the state they are in. If they"re depressed, lock are likely to have a deflated sense of ego. Ifthey"re suffering mania, they may experience an ego boost,believing the they space untouchable. Big egos space oftena warning authorize that a human is dysregulated in some way.

Why is proud a sin?

Pride is taken into consideration a sin because when you"re prideful, you"re gift self-centered and not loving her neighbor. It"s important to have compassion and empathy for those approximately us, and also pride distracts united state from the cause.

What is self-pride?

Self-pride is different than self-confidence. If you have actually an overabundance of pride, you are too focused on what others think around you. You forget around the wants and needs of rather in favor of your own.

What is the antonym that ego?

The antonym of ego counts on which definition of ego you space using. It can be a variety of terms,includingself-doubt, altruism, humility, andcompassion.

What are the attributes of ego?

The qualities of ego when supplied in the colloquial feeling are preoccupation v oneselfand overlooking the success of others.

Who found ego?

Sigmund Freud coined the ax ego once he was outlining the different parts the the psyche. Freud is responsible because that the definition of ego that we use today.

What is the duty of the ego?

The function of the ego is to aid us make decisions.

What go ego death mean?

Ego death method that you entirely lose your feeling of me or identity.

How do you recognize if you have actually an ego problem?

You may have ego troubles if you or others notice that friend talk too much about yourself or your accomplishments. If you realize the you aren"t paying sufficient attention come the experiences of others, then it may be time to take into consideration therapy.

Is humility the contrary of ego?

Humility is opposing of one an interpretation of ego. If you deserve to put proud aside and be thankful for your achievements rather than bragging about them, climate you are unlikely to be accused of having actually a large ego.

What is opposing of egotism?

The the opposite of egoism is altruism. Egotism is a preoccupation through oneself, if altruism is sacrificing your requirements for the great of others.

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Psychodynamic therapy Online

The kind of therapy that addresses Freud’s definition of the ego is called psychodynamic treatment (PDT).Researchhas displayed that digital PDT (IPDT) is an effective treatment because that social tension disorder (SAD). For clients through SAD, a large treatment impact was discovered for a 10-week food of IPDT, as contrasted to clients that were waitlisted however did not obtain treatment. Furthermore, advancement continued between termination the therapy and also follow-up 2 years later.