The following are the rules the Jonas was given from the Giver(pg. 68 in the book):

1. Go automatically at the finish of school hrs each day come theAnnex entrance behind the house of the Old and present you yourself tothe attendent.

2. Go immediately to her dwelling at the conclusion that TrainingHours each day.

3. Indigenous this moment you are exempted from rules governingrudeness. You may ask any question of any kind of citizen and you willreceive

4. Carry out not talk about your maintain with any kind of other member of thecommunity, including parents, and Elders.

5. Native this moment you are prohibited native dream-telling.

6. Other than from illness or injury unrelated to your training, donot use for any type of medication.

7. You are not permitted to use for release.

8. You may lie.

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