Dill’s aunt and also the Finches’ next-door neighbor, with whom Dill concerns stay throughout the summer. She no a major presence in Scout, Jem, and also Dill’s lives, however she care deeply for Dill and also takes concern with your moral advancement when the youngsters insist the they’ve been playing piece poker. She’s additionally a gossip and a girlfriend of miss out on Stephanie’s.

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The timeline below shows wherein the character miss out on Rachel Haverford shows up in To death a Mockingbird. The colored dots and icons suggest which themes are linked with the appearance.


...their summer play on their block and, one morning, they find a young sitting in Miss Rachel ’s collard patch. He introduce himself as Charles Baker Harris, or Dill, and announces that...(full context)

Atticus permits Jem and Scout to walk sit by Miss Rachel ’s fish pool with Dill the night before he leaves. They look for Mr. Avery,...(full context)
...poker, which the adults seem to buy. Scout has actually no idea what strip poker is. Miss Rachel shrieks around children gambling on her property and Atticus asks if the youngsters were playing...(full context)
...a second-story window. As soon as the flames reach the 2nd floor, men hose down Atticus and also Miss Rachel ’s houses next door. Reconnaissance frets when Atticus and Miss Maudie watch unconcerned.(full context)
Scout the town hall the Abbottsville fire van arrive and also spew water on her house and also on Miss Rachel ’s. The “Absolute Morphodite” melts as males fight the fire in pajamas. Reconnaissance is frozen...(full context)
...they do him walk back. Atticus assures him that he simply wants to inspect with Miss Rachel if Dill deserve to stay the night. Jem was standing alone and also says he had actually to tell.(full context)
Dill eats and also then survives Miss Rachel ’s scolding. She permits him come stay. Aunt Alexandra sends the youngsters to bed and...(full context)
Dill arrives, eats Atticus’s breakfast, and also says that Miss Rachel claimed that Atticus deserve to bang his head versus a wall if he desires to, but...(full context)
Outside, miss out on Stephanie and Mr. Avery are still talking. Miss Rachel heads towards them as Dill claims he’s walk to it is in a clown and also laugh when...

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(full context)
...stands in front of the home window and in her mind, watches miss Stephanie gossip with Miss Rachel while miss Maudie gardens and also children scamper around. She deserve to see children playing in the...(full context)
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