How fast can a Jet Ski go? – This is a common question of the bulk of the PWC enthusiasts, and also curious newbies.

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In the civilization of motorsports, the majority of the owners have a performance-minded perspective. Castle buy their playthings to suffer the thrill and rush that riding on the waters.

To have actually the ideal experience, they want to own the faster Jet Ski or Sea-Doo easily accessible on the market and also hunt for the ideal models one season after another.

If you are here, you probably also want to know the present Jet Ski height speed as well as WaveRunner and also Sea-Doo optimal speed numbers.

For your convenience, we, at, have built up the optimal speeds all of the existing PWC models right into one chart. In addition to these, we have also collected some advice for just how you deserve to make her watercraft faster.

If you are curious around the height speed the the more quickly PWC in the world, girlfriend can find a summary, as well as a video clip about the present record holder in this article.

Without more ado, let’s check out the current Sea-Doo, WaveRunners, and Jet Ski peak speed numbers in one chart!


Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 optimal speed: 67 mph

Kawasaki Jet Ski height Speed Specs

How quick can a Jet Ski go? relying on the model, Kawasaki Jet Ski peak speed numbers vary from 54 – 67 mph.

The slowest Jet Ski is the Ultra LX Jet Ski with a height speed the 54 mph. This design arrives with the exact same hull together the performance models, while it produces only 160 HP.

Thanks come its good fuel selection and reliability, the Ultra LX is popular amongst average buyers and also considered the finest fishing Jet Ski as well.

If you desire something more nimble and also playful, you must look in ~ the new 2021 Kawasaki STX 160 series. This models space the upgraded version of the STX-15F, which readily available the same 160 HP engine and can with 62 mph.

However, there aren’t actual tests for the brand-new STX 160 collection available, about the truth that this models arrive v the very same engine and also in the very same weight variety as the STX-15F, we have the right to expect roughly the same height speed on this Jet Ski models.

It’s the same problem with the SX-R wake up Jet Ski’s top speed, powered with the very same engine it can reach around 62 mph again.

Top speeds of the performance Jet Skis are certainly the highest in the Kawasaki’s fleet, they struggle 67 mph in stock condition. Girlfriend can choose from four different models:

How fast does a Kawasaki STX-15f go?

The Kawasaki STX-15f deserve to go as fast as 62 mph, together this jet ski is powered v a 160 HP, 4-stroke, 4 cylinder, non-supercharged engine.

How fast does a Kawasaki STX-160 go?

Just prefer the STX-15f, the height speed the the Kawasaki STX-160, 160x, and also lx is 62 mph. Since the STX-160 collection arrives v the same engine, pump, and hull, as the STX-15f, you deserve to find differences only in the top decks and also features.

How rapid is the Kawasaki Ultra LX?

Although this design belongs to the Ultra family, the Ultra LX is additionally powered v the 160 HP non-supercharged engine option. Through this strength source, the Kawasaki Ultra LX’s peak speed is 62 mph.

How quick is the Kawasaki 310 jet ski?

Unlike its smaller brothers, the Kawasaki Ultra 310 series is produced with a supercharged, 310 HP engine. Thanks to this stronger power plant, the height speed of all Kawasaki 310 jet skis is minimal to 67 mph.

How fast does a stand-up jet ski go?

The Kawasaki SX-R 1500 stand-up jet ski have the right to go as quick as 62 mph. Unequal the contender stand-up models, the SX-R 1500 is powered with a 160 HP 4-stroke engine, which renders the new SX-R the fastest stand-up jet ski top top the market.

Yamaha WaveRunner height Speed Specs

Would you favor to know how rapid can a WaveRunner go? once it come to Yamaha WaveRunner’s peak speed numbers, lock don’t gain left behind Kawasaki’s Jet Skis.

Even their entry-level models, the Yamaha EX collection can go as fast as approximately 50 mph when the EXR offers 55 mph.

If you searching for a larger WaveRunner, the VX series is for you. They have the right to reach a peak speed of about 53 mph.

Yamaha’s luxury WaveRunners, the FX series, arrive with supercharged and non-supercharged engines together well.

The non-supercharged Waverunners, prefer the FX HO or the FX Cruiser HO, have the right to run even 63 mph, while the supercharged FX SVHO Line have the right to run as fast as 67 mph.

You have the right to expect the same height speed on the performance WaveRunners, namely, the GP1800R HO and also GP 1800R SVHO.

Sea-Doo optimal Speeds

Would you prefer to know how fast can a Sea-Doo go?

Sea-Doo peak speed numbers vary widely, as they have actually the largest fleet from all manufacturers. It also way that girlfriend can choose from several great models if you consider buying one.

Their low-end model is the Spark 60 HP, i beg your pardon is currently the cheapest Sea-Doo on the market, and also the GTI 90 (powered v the same engine) deserve to run around 42 mph. 

The Spark 90HP and also Spark TRIXX models deserve to run around 48 mph while the GTI 130 collection around 52 mph.

The BRP’s dedicated fishing watercraft, the 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro’s height speed is around 55 mph, while the power Sea-Doo’s top speed can reach conveniently 67 mph.

How to with the optimal speed on your PWC?

As you would have interpreted by now, the peak three faster Jet Skis, Waverunner, and Sea-Doo models have actually it in lock to walk much faster than 65 – 67 mph, although castle can’t execute so straight off the shelf.

PWC fans know it nice well the if you wish to have actually a faster ride, the best thing because that you to execute is modify your craft so you can achieve more power. However everybody walk not desire to change or lug changes in their craft.

Due come this, before you delve right into the PWC modifications, below are some straightforward tricks girlfriend can embrace for getting greater top rate on her PWC.

Calm Weather conditions: when you want to boost the rate of your PWC, the preferred kind of water is rough. Although that is not just choppy water that might decrease your speed, that does beat a part. So, it is better that you very first test the end on smooth waters. It is not recommended the you test the PWC optimal speeds during high winds.

The finest thing to execute would be testing when there is no wind, as air conditions likewise act as a factor and could affect your ride’s speed. Her PWC would move quickly in low humidity rather of high. Wait pressure and high humidity do the engine occupational harder, together a result, engines become slowed down. Another important variable is the temperature. Your energy’s power could be impacted on a warm sunny day.

Less fuel: PWC tank sizes go from 6 gallons to even as high together 20 gallons. A full tank v 20 gallons, method around 130 lbs (60 kg) weight, i m sorry is a noticeable extra weight! If you want to alleviate your curb weight and also ride faster, attempt with much less fuel. Yet be careful, and also never drain your tank completely as you constantly need fuel come get ago to the shore. Safety and security should always come first!

Modifications – Make her PWC faster

As much as the modification is concerned, there is a wide selection of tunings kits and also aftermarket parts you can pick from.

A common technique of PWC modification is installing a unique speed manage override module, v which you can make your engine execute to its full capacity. Friend would have to install a different impeller v this unit too.

You can discover these units at the renowned watercraft performance specialist consisting of RIVA gyeongju or PWC Muscle. You might reach up to 75 mph top top the communication of this modification only. Execute you desire to make your watercraft more faster?

If friend require more performance and also speed from your PWC, there are countless ways to perform so.

You deserve to install racing kit andaftermarket performance parts that can makeyour PWC’s height speed right into the 80-90 mph range.

You should additionally know that only those manufacturers market you the choice of alteration who space planning to enter some dispute or competition.

It is no recommended the casual PWC individuals modify their PWC, that is possible and plenty of are law it. You simply need to discover a organization shop that would assist you.

Last however not least, understand that your watercraft’s warranty could get affected if girlfriend go with with the modification. But it is no a identify thing. In ~ the end, everything depends ~ above the manufacturer and also your dealership.

The height speed the the world’s more quickly modified watercraft

Depending top top the above information, you could wonder about the fastest modified PWC current in the world – that also has made it come the world record.

The top speed ever to be achieved on a watercraft to be by Uva Perez, that made a record by talk a modified Yamaha Waverunner at a lining 127 mph.

The fastest and also the most an effective of WaveRunner models room famed due to the fact that of their capacity for alteration and to achieve amazing speeds. Perez’s amendment Yamaha was no exception.


As you must have actually known by now that Sea-Doo, WaveRunner and Jet Ski peak speed numbers differ at large, depending upon the model.

We have also described exactly how PWC speeds count on many factors including the climate and even your weight.

If you wish to boost your PWCs strength or desire to take part in a racing competition, you can modify her machine. But always remember to take the crucial safety measures and also ride safely. Do not forget to monitor the rules once you room out top top the water.

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