Draco Meteor is one of the the strongest moves in sword & Shield. These are the Pokémon the most advantage from learning it.

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Ever because the early days of Pokémon, Dragon species have gone to the head of the metagame. They were so good, Fairy types were produced as a method to provide them a proper counter, something that was previously missing. Component of the factor Dragon types are so an effective is due to the fact that of their an effective move swimming pool that have the right to deal terrible damage.

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In Sword & Shield, Draco Meteor is an incredibly damaging move with a base power of 130. That does have actually the downside of lowing its user"s Special attack by two stages. In a video game of Pokémon whereby taking care of problem Pokémon as fast as feasible is so important, this renders Draco Meteor among the ideal Dragon type moves in the game, accessible from the move Tutor.

goodra focused in anime
A fan-favorite Pokémon, Goodra is wonderful choice to teach Draco Meteor to. Possessing a 110 base unique Attack, Goodra can make rapid work that opposing Pokémon through one basic use the the move. Due to the fact that Goodra is a very offensive based Pokémon because of subpar physics Defense and HP stats, this dragon deserve to make usage of selection Specs to give an extra 1.5 time Special assault boost. Many thanks to the addition of Goodra"s capacity Gooey to sluggish opposing Pokémon that hit that physically, Goodra can also slow down the foe while going v their rampage.

Duraludon is one of the best Pokémon to teach Draco Meteor to with intention for usage in double Battles. Thanks to its capability Stalwart, Duraludon is immune to having its assault target switched by other such as Follow Me. Because of this, Duraludon is may be to transaction massive damage to its plan target through Draco Meteor. Duraludon likewise comes through a Gigantamax Form, an enhancing up Draco Meteor"s potential power even more. By offering Duraludon a Life Orb, it transaction even more damage there is no locking it into the very same move. This lets it take advantage of both the its Typings (Steel and Dragon) to the best of the ability.

returning Dragon and also Water Type Pokémon Kingdra is ago in Sword & Shield, and a an excellent choice to teach Draco Meteor to. Kingdra has primarily well balanced stats, with every one of them being base 95 other than for that HP and also Speed.

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This enables Kingdra come invest that EVs into making the a special Attacking danger to make full use the Draco Meteor. On top of that, Kingdra additionally has the capacity Swift swim to rise its rate in the Rain. All of this renders Kingdra the perfect choice for offensive Rain based teams, v Kingdra may be to transaction out Draco Meteors before the opponent"s Pokémon can make a move.

Pokemon Flygon
Flygon has always hung roughly the metagame since its earliest days many thanks to its distinctive Ground and Dragon typing (being 1 that 3). Flygon has a well balanced stat line, through 80 basic stats across the board other than for Attack and also Speed. Flygon deserve to be play either together a physical or special Offensive Pokémon, v the Special construct using Draco Meteor in ~ the forefront. It can be combined with a selection Specs for even an ext powerful Draco Meteors or a selection Scarf to outspeed opposing Pokémon. On height of having actually Levitate, Flygon even comes through an extra class of protection from the ever-present ground Types.

Everyone had a laugh when they very first saw Alola Exeggutor with its large neck and the watch random addition of a Dragon kind to it. However, despite its goofy figure Alola Exeggutor deserve to be a actual threat with its high basic 125 Special assault stat. Many thanks to this, Alola Exeggutor can deliver out powerful Draco Meteors that can dismantle opposing Pokémon. Alola Exeggutor has actually low Speed, but thanks to Trick Room gift so typical in Doubles, this renders Alola Exeggutor the perfect Dragon form to revolve its weak of short Speed into a strength.

one of the only Dark and also Dragon types in the game (the various other being Guzzlord), Hydreigon take away its unique typing to it is in a genuine threat. Blended in with Levitate, Hydreigon deserve to be a actual threat come opposing teams. The quad weakness to Fairy deserve to be an issue, however, its power can an ext than consist of for it.

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through a an excellent 125 basic Special assault stat, Hydreigon have the right to deliver an effective Draco Meteors to opposing groups to dismantle them. Hydreigon is the perfect revenger killer Pokémon, comes in after among your Pokémon to be knocked the end to eliminate the opponent"s own thanks to its plethora of appropriate resistances.

Dragapult was very first introduced in Sword & Shield and easily rose to the optimal of the meta together not simply the finest new Pokémon, however one of the best Pokémon overall. With fantastic stats and the ability to operation either a physical or distinct sweeper collection makes Dragapult among the most versatile Dragon Types. Thanks to this, the unique variant of Dragapult provides incredible usage of Draco Meteor to wipe the end the opposing team, particularly when paired through a Life Orb or an option Specs. It can additionally utilize a mixed collection in order come swap in between Physical and also Special attacks.

The just Dragon and also Fighting Type Pokémon in the totality series, Kommo-o have the right to make good use the Draco Meteor. All of its basic stats are over 100 (excepting for HP and Speed which room still respectable), permitting it to it is in a dangerous blended attacker. Kommo-o have the right to take benefit of both Physical and also Special attacks, therefore after a usage of Draco Meteor, it deserve to switch to Physical moves in bespeak to protect against the fence of Draco Meteor. All of that permits for Kommo-o come be among the best choices come teach Draco Meteor to.

among the few Legendaries Sword & Shield brought in, Eternatus has actually a clear goal when it concerns its move set. With only moderate Defense and Physical attack stats, Eternatus desires to fight fast and hard through its an excellent 145 unique Attack.

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This provides Eternatus among the best Pokémon to teach Draco Meteor come for that reason. It"s able to swing in for massive damage, revenge death just about any Pokémon the isn"t a stole Type. Eternatus additionally comes with a poison Typing, able come hit Fairy species hard to make it even an ext valuable on any team.

The list of Legendary Pokémon is filled through Dragon Types, with only a select couple of making the cut into Sword & Shield. Among those is Kyurem, its Black and also White develops being the cover legendary from Black & White 2. Kyurem has actually a phenomenal 130 base unique Attack, through its White form having an even more insane 170 one (only sacrifice 10 Physical assault stats). Thanks to this, Kyurem have the right to dish out insane strength that can knock out almost any Pokémon v its Draco Meteors. Kyurem resides up to its legendary status and can take it Draco Meteor come its max potential, particularly in that is White Form.

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