I just obtained a fresh new copy of EoS in the letter from eBay and now im interested around a few things.

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As a child, I never ever took the game really seriously, yet now, together an adult, I desire to "optimize" my video game experience a lttle bit. I have actually not found that lot info around the best starter/partner combo and their finest moveset because that EoS the end there and nothing in the suby2kcenter.org faq.

So, what carry out you males think is the ideal starter/partner/moveset combo for EoS and also my playthrough?


I've never optimized my game that lot when playing EoS.

But a combo i remember fondly is Pikachu and Riolu.

Pikachu it s okay Agility, Riolu gets Focus-punch

4x agility = 4 action per turn = 2 focus punches indigenous riolu.

It's a trick stays valuable for a long time

Yeh from what I have actually heard and also read Pikachu seems to it is in a favorite since of Agility and Discharge. I will certainly think about him together a potential starter because that sure

Why go everyone usage this combo lmao. I gained pikachu as soon as I walk the test and also chose riolu cuz he is cool af. Walk everyone do the exact same thing

The best mix is various for everyone, yet we can assist you decide on one! because that a fully-optimized gaming experience, be sure to take the following an extremely important components into account:


Alignment v childhood-favorite Pokemon

Shipping potential (select opposite- or same-gender partner as appropriate)

Make sure at least one the you knows Attract, to aid spice points up if needed

And most importantly:

Be the Pokemon you desire to be! (After all, you're going to be one because that a loooong time...)

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For a fully-optimized furry experience

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That write-up makes me slighty uncomfortable, yet I evaluate the advice. ^

But this time, i dont want to focus on having actually a deep connection with the characters. I have my old EoT save record for that. This time I just want to recognize the ideal (or easiest) method to gwt v the story :)

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Pikachu and also Riolu is a damaged combo.

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Skitty is the ideal maingame, and also the ideal postgame leader, no inquiries asked: it's powerful, tanky, have the right to learn a bunch of good moves, and has an remarkable IQ group for the postgame. Eevee is a niche, yet viable choose for more power in ~ the price of bulk and IQ team quality; still worse than Skitty overall.

The partner "metagame" is less defined, as partners often tend to carry out little. Treecko and Pikachu have good support movepools consisting of Agility, rapid Attack, and other great options; Vulpix is nice because of the status moves it deserve to employ versus bosses, Flamethrower and also Quick Attack. Chikorita is imo underrated and also it it s okay the elusive quick Friend IQ skill if you want. Riolu is likewise a an excellent choice, and so is Totodile (because their typings synergise really well v Skitty's).

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Still, many starters are pretty comparable in viability, v exceptions gift Phanpy, companion Eevee, and also leader Pikachu/Shinx (this game hates electric form moves for part reason).

So, to attract a conclusion, here's my an individual top 5:


Skitty + Pikachu

Skitty + Treecko

Skitty + Vulpix

Skitty + Totodile

Skitty + Riolu

But really, if it's your very first playthrough simply go with what friend think represents you most!