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At these uptight times, hardcore funkateers before the bop gunWe unleash friend a confident light. The bop gun deserve to do you no harmIt frees yo mind, for this reason yo' behind deserve to followLet's execute A Fly-byOne, two, three and I come with the wickedWhite house, lights outBoom boom boom through the Bop GunLooks choose I reduce oneI'm optimal gun, for this reason picture..(Picture this, paint a picture, photo perfect, paint a perfect picture)Bill Clinton(Picture this, repaint a picture, photo perfect, repaint a perfect picture)(*Phone Beeping*)Here us go y'allPaint the White home black, brownHa ha, yeah, what's up?What's boppin?This is Dr. Dre callin' indigenous Chronic ControlCould ns speak to the president?Awww, yeah, simply tell that he to be smokin' last night in ~ the clubYou understand what I'm sayin?What? - the don't inhale?Well i know, I got the wrong motherfuckin' houseDid somebody beep me indigenous there?
Colors don't clash, world just doColor me happy next to youAww, similar to it should, over there goes the NeighborhoodThat is what they'd have us believePaint the White residence black, brownPaint the White House..(*Sample that Police Sirens*)Paint the White residence black, brownPaint the White House, black...Uhhhh lookin' through a watch of viewsSeein' what they want you toBlinded by the flames of familiar fireAnd climate they satellite there prefer a dopeUntil castle choked native all that smokeFrom behind a smoke display screen of the patriotic liarsAiyyo, well inspect this outIf you speak to George ClintonTell that I'll capture him at the next plateau with the bombYou recognize what I'm sayin?It's not the pretendo however the endoAnd I'll be droppin' some directly Chronic in ~ his former door
Paint the White home black, brownPaint the White House..(Cause white ain't right, so acquire the flashlight)Paint the White home black, brown(No issue what creed, no issue what color)Paint the White House..Now, examine this outYo yo flavor man, we could kick like thisYo, we could kick it man, yo, indigenous up, manYo, inspect this out manYou know, the homeboys in Detroit, in Minneapolis, in L.AIn brand-new York and also down in D.C. ManThey obtained the mechanism in the earlier and boomin' itBut castle don't recognize what we're sayin'But the homeboys understand what we're sayin'You understand what I'm sayin?Yo, examine Yo-YoIf love ain't gained nothin' to carry out with that then store itAin't no big secret, we all recognize the reasonPeople change every day however life stays the sameOne big game, ain't a damn thing changedA woman's gained to carry out what a woman's got to doBe a mackstress, don't let this mackers mack youSo ns get recorded up in it, I'm stressin' and tiredThe man who runs the joint gets me higherIt have the right to be a White House, a black color houseIt can be a crack house, one outhouseIf the ain't the ideal house, go obtain your army gears babyWe got a fight, they ain't gonna collection aside an additional night(*Sample that Police Sirens*)It's so bad that Los Angeles, is therefore scandalousGive me somebody, who can handle usYo-Yo is top top the height of thingsSo uhh.. Shade me mad, I'm ready for a change

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I done came up short, one time too manyYet a brother got to it is in comin' out his nicklesAnd countin' up his last penniesBuyin' brushes and also bum rushin' homey's greeneryMany envy yet a hill of bean is what it means to meLeave it up to me, I'm paintin' the White house blackThere ain't no future in her frontin'So why the hell you're frontin' jack?It'll either readjust or we're gonna adjust it"Yeah, it's gettin' old"Usin' everything, native spray can be ~ to charcoalPut them up, then put the crew up on dischargeLeavin' wet paint indications in the prior yardYo George, these human being crazy manThey don't also know what I'm sayin'Awwwwww airbrushed and colorizedJust changed right prior to our eyes, real as visualizedIn every frame and let the love shine native the ideal houseBe in the black, red or white houseThrough our fear the puppeteer have the right to pull our stringsWhoaahh, fine alright, again i say five say deserve to you seeThe puppeteer traction the strings of you and me native the White HouseThe out home of ar conquestThe HUD House, the pro-this, the anti-thatWhite versus black, the right to life matches pro-choiceI pledge allegiance to the flagBeing every I could never be.. KAM check out HIS toe TAGYeah, this is USA-K all day and you can't interruptLay back, WATT'S UPStars and stripes because that Tarzan typesGot brothers choose me behind bars and on pipesDamn, I'm gettin' took for a tripThey got me seein' stars native the club and also stripes indigenous the whipWhy have to you all be prefer that?I ain't right into politics, for this reason skip lock white-collared tricksThey never ever did united state no goodTo hell with the room shuttle, put some money in the hoodAnd do jobs, let's mob as much as the capitolThen we ain't got to rap at allPower to The People and also the only method to obtain freeIs the J-to-the-U-S-T-I-C-EPicture this, paint a picture, picture perfect, paint a perfect pictureY'all can't avoid the bum rush, so get the paint brushIt's time for a changePaint the White home black, brownYo, hear to the actual Clinton "WHO bill CLINTON?"Hell no, I'm talkin' about George ClintonPaint the White house black, brownAll one blood, just a various colorAnd in a dis ya time, you have actually to help your neighborLook at the downtown area, no food to eat, no shelterThem civilization have to live in a house made that paperAnd as soon as it rains it falls through prefer a sift wireHunger deh hunger, every over about timeAll of united state come togetherIce Cube, Dr. Dre, N.W.A, flavor Flav, lining DPublic Enemy, Flea, Anthony stirrin' increase the ChiliYo-Yo, KAM and also Breed, Prince and Pupa that's meOne, two, three and also I come with the wickedBoom boom boom through the Bop Gun, looks prefer I reduce oneYou can get with this or you can get with itGot to peel his cap, who's the mack?Shit, I'll repaint the White home blackPicture this, repaint a picture, photo perfect, repaint a perfect picturePicture this, paint a picture, snapshot perfect, paint a perfect picturePicture this, repaint a picture, photo perfect, paint a perfect picturePicture this, paint a picture, snapshot perfect, paint a perfect picturePaint the White residence black, brown(No issue what creed or what color)Paint the White House..(With God by my next we're gonna readjust this power)Picture this, paint a picture, snapshot perfect, paint a perfect picturePaint the White residence black, brownPicture this, paint a picture, picture perfect, repaint a perfect picturePaint the White House..Paint the White residence black, brown(Red, white, or blue, purple or whatever)Paint the White House..(I won't even care if it's Technicolor)Paint the White residence black, brown(No issue what creed or what color)Paint the White House..(With God by my side we're gonna readjust this power)Picture this, repaint a picture, photo perfect, paint a perfect picturePaint the White house black, brownPicture this, paint a picture, photo perfect, paint a perfect picturePaint the White House...You recognize what I'm sayin?Cause that's the method it beBecause his name George and his last name begins with a "C"Picture this, repaint a picture, snapshot perfect, repaint a perfect pictureYeah, George Clinton, Nineteen ninety TreDroppin' on her punk ass motherfuckers and also that's how we carry out itYou recognize what I'm sayin? yeahPaint the White home black, brownThose that oppose to it is in leveled up alongside thisI ain't the devil, this ain't The ExorcistWorse 보다 a nightmare, you don't need to sleep top top winkThe pains the mind gets everytime friend thinkFlashbacks, interfere, you start to hearP-Funk in her earHa yeah, what's up?This is Dr. Dre callin' native Chronic ControlPeace and also hair grease, I'm ouuuuuuut!(*Phone hanged up*)Damn!!Aiyyo, 'Dre was Panasonic, what's up now?