Welinvolved r/anime's Host Club! If you'd choose to take a seat, I'll lug out your drink, and also we deserve to get to talking around episode 26.

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PS. You have the right to watch episode 26 on Funimation in the US. It's also accessible on Hulu and also Netflix.


Are we going to have actually an as a whole discussion thcheck out tomorrow, /u/MissyPie?

This is such a great finale episode. Sure, it's melodramatic as anything - whether it's Honey & Mori beating up a private police force together, a carriage chase collection to the ending design template, or simply plain jumping off a bridge. But it really does fit Ouran, which is extremely over the top, and it fits the nature of the Host Club perfectly.

I'm pretty sure a lot of of us all knowledgeable a little bit of sadness when Haruhi and also Tamaki simply...don't kiss. Still, it's a pretty perfectly built scene, all in all. Haruhi's dramatic declaration that she doesn't hate the Host Club, as she reaches out her hand also parallels Tamaki's hand getting to out to her to welcome her to the Host Club in episode 1. Tamaki yet again jumps off a great height to rescue Haruhi. And lastly, Haruhi also quotes his silly lines about "a man dripping via great looks" back at him, reminding us of the first minute they really connected. I likewise really love the ridiculous trope of reflecting a character speaking without sound, only to play it later. It simply works really well below.

And surprisingly, although she's not entirely reunderstood, I really don't hate Eclair at all. Maybe it was her confront as soon as Tamaki made to leave the car, or possibly it was the story around Tamaki's mom - she is made even more than an easy, 2-D villain. Although, chucking Tamaki's phone in the fish tank was a little bit ridiculous.

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Unfortunately, yes, Ouran is an open-ended, go-read-the-source-material-ending. But I think it was mostly left open for a seaboy 2 (since it has a pair of sequel hooks)...which never before came, considering that shoujo animes never before acquire second periods, silly Ouran. But, I still think it's a pretty enjoyable ending. The dance at the finish is good (and has what can be the finest track of the show? Seriously, it's an orchestral plan of Shissou and it's great.) and it's perfectly in character. And, well, the team shot at the finish is simply really nostalgic, through everyone welcoming us to come ago.