Lilia, a 10-year-old daughter of one Indian American couple is the narrator of the story i beg your pardon is set in 1971 at a time once there to be a civil war going on between East Pakistan and also West Pakistan. She parents who had recently moved to America had the emotion of separation.

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Father that Lilia uncovered Mr Pirzada’s surname in the university directory and befriended him. Grandfather Pirzada had involved study “the foliage of new England”. This hatchet is rather symbolic as the same foliage was about to occur in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) as well. Mr Pirzada would use to visit Lilia’s home every day.

Lilia begins her story by telling that she doesn’t recognize when grandfather Pirzada began coming come her home as she was rather young. Every job he would use to carry candies for Lilia.

Mr Pirzada belonged come Decca and was a Bengali. Thus there was a strong bond between Lilia’s parents and Mr Pirzada since of the exact same culture, language, food, attire etc.

Being unaware the Indian history and polity Lilia to be of the check out that both her parents as well as Mr Pirzada belong to the very same Nation. This oneness is just one of the primary functions of the Diasporic community living in foreign.

She is surprised once her father tells her that Mr Pirzada despite a Bengali is likewise a Muslim and belongs to one more Nation. Her father go not prefer her ignorance about India but her mom defends her by saying the they are living in America now and there is no have to think around curfews, riots, mass-killings, and also food scarcity.

The declare of her mom made in the dad of Lilia marks the reasons why a large number the Diasporic world had to leave their motherlands though it is quite challenging for everyone to perform so. The communal clashes, poverty and also other such issues were the main reasons for the hike of world to arisen nations.

Lilia starts in search of differences between her parents and also Mr Pirzada though she hardly find any.This strangeness the the society of the Indian subcontinent is rather common among the first generation the Indian Americans. Being born in America castle are much more aware the American history, language and culture rather than that of your parents. Jumpha Lahiri has also suffered the same and also this is well reflected in this story.

Mr Pirzada tells the in Decca he owns a three storey home and has seven daughters who names begin with A. Every evening the TV is rotate on and also the news that Bangladesh i do not care the centre of attention. Mr Pirzada has not heard about his family because last 6 months and is fairly upset around them.

The war becomes an ext violent. Pakistani army does all varieties of atrocities on the Bengali people. At School, Lilia once tries to read about Bangladesh in the library however her teacher reprimands her as it does no relate to her assignment.

In October the work of Halloween comes and also Mr Pirzada inquires about the pumpkins on people’s doorsteps. Lilia speak him about the festival. Grandfather Pirzada joints the family members to carve a jack-o’-lantern the end of a pumpkin bought by she mother. Yet soon the news the Decca flashes the TV and knife in the hands of grandfather Pirzada slips, developing a gash in the pumpkin. This additionally symbolises the

In the night Lilia prepares to walk to her friend’s home. This upsets mr Pirzada. However, Lilia’s mom tells him the it is much safer to roam approximately in America. The concern of Pirzada is perhaps an ext about his own daughters as soon as he makes this statement. 

Lilia remains upset around the security of grandfather Pirzada’s family. Every night she takes out a candy provided by mr Pirzada and keeps it in her mouth. Because that her, that is a kind of prayer and also she adheres to it every night.

The prayer done by Lilia is quite new and does not enhance to any kind of customs of established religions. This reflects exactly how the 1st generation having new country, society and language quests for brand-new types that beliefs.

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In January grandfather Pirzada returns back to home. After numerous months Lilia involves know the Mr Pirzada’s household is rather as throughout the war his in-laws took she wife and daughters to a much safer place. Mr Pirzada additionally thanks her family members for the heat hospitality. Upon understanding this Lilia offers up the practice of maintaining candy in she mouth.

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