I heard that you gain the Final kind after defeating Roxas. But when I defeated him, the drive kind didn\"t get obtained. So just how do ns unlock it?


After you defeated Roxas the Final kind appears randomly once you use any Drive Form. If it showed up you have the right to use it any time.

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Either go into a drive form anywhere and hope you gain it, or usage Two come to be One and also go into a form.


Another method is to walk to Olympus Coliseum and also enter the Cerberus Cup, then enter a form. If you don\"t get final Form, merely restart the cup.


The keyblade two becomes one actually increases the odds of acquiring final kind or anti kind so usage that


Go to Olympus Colisseum.


Equip Two end up being One Keyblade. This Keyblade cause antiform every time you go into a drive.

Final form appears randomly instead of antifirom. Therefore, Two become One increases the opportunities for Final form as girlfriend can\"t go into any kind of regular forms.

Also, every time friend don\"t gain final form but antiform, the chances for final type are increased, if this happens number of times it also increases come 100%.


Before Two become One, civilization had to get in drive develops repeatedly until antiform kicked in. Together it took several tries to obtain anti it took much longer to randomly conference final form as adeviation that antiform.



To speed up the process even more, go into the Cerberus cup (or the one tha lets you use drive forms)

from there, you just activate any type of drive type and it should trigger antiform since of Two end up being One. Wait till it wears off and activate one more drive andantiform must kcik in again.If you operation out of bars, simply hit enemies to quickly reload your drive gauge.


Repeat this till final type appears instead of anti form.


Once you enter final form once, you have the right to activate final kind any time type the drive menu like any type of of the other forms.


Note: if friend still have actually Two end up being One equipped, the only form you one activate effectively will be final kind as every other develops will trigger antiform. This is a certain method to create antiform at will however if you want to access all other drive forms, use any type of other keyblade.

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Hope this helps.


You can find more information ~ above anti form and the dark point out that create it, inspect khwiki, it\"S easy to understand.

(basically, each kind stocks increase dark points and also the more you assemble, the more likely antiform will certainly kick in. Final form deducts from this points, however, so friend can manage them if you save track)